25 Ridiculously Healthy Foods

25 Ridiculously Healthy Foods

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figs on a tree, by mrmac04 via morguefile.comPrevention magazine editors recently listed 25 power foods that, they say, can claim big bragging rights: They can fend off serious diseases like diabetes and cancer and heart problems; fortify your immune system; protect and smooth your skin; and help you lose weight or stay slim.

Ranging from fruits I’ve never heard of, to nuts that add texture to any dish, from main dishes, to oils and flavorings, most of these ingredients need to be explored and added to your shopping list.

If you’re eating most of them already, good for you! If not, now’s the time to load up your shopping cart and supercharge your health, say the editors…

(READ the article via the Gym Journal, or click 26 times (and wait for the page to reload) using the Prevention slide show with pretty pictures)

**Note from Good News Network: I would not agree with their advice to “stir some chocolate syrup into skim milk for an after-dinner treat.” Corn syrup, the principle ingredient in the cocoa flavoring is an ingredient you want to stay away from, rather than ADD to your diet. – geri