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Strong Consumer Sales and Big-Ticket Purchases for Businesses

Business - General

business graphic upConsumers ignored the scary headlines and handwringing and went clothes shopping anyway in September, creating solid sales gains for the nation’s biggest retailers, according to

Overall, chain-store sales rose 5.5% and luxury sales climbed 10.4%.

Another positive economic report this week showed businesses ordering more big-ticket items in August.


Businesses ordered more computers, communications equipment, and other big-ticket items in August, a hopeful sign for the slumping economy. Orders for capital goods, which are considered a good measure of business investment plans, rose 0.9 per cent in August, the Commerce Department said Tuesday. It was the second gain in three months.

(READ the AP story in Seattle P-I)


#1 annerobey 2011-10-08 15:23
Hooray for businesses and consumers who exercise their optimism by doing business! The less we listen to naysayers and the more we look towards the future, the better our outlook will be. :lol:
#2 geri 2011-10-08 17:17
So, true, Anne! I thought this morning that I should have a weekly running economic column that can highlight the good news from that week... It is the gloom and doom that keeps us down.

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