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Grad Student Michael Penn Gives Away Doughnuts to Get Hired on Wall Street

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grad student gives out coffee - Michael Penn.comHe's printed his CV on coffee cups, and handed out sweets with a smile, all to make himself stand out in the crowd of grad students looking for work in the financial field.

Dressed in a dark blue suit and tie, Michael Penn parked his table in the plaza outside Goldman-Sachs with a large banner announcing his website

The Florida native told ABC News. “I wanted to do something innovative for my job hunt. I am graduating in two weeks. I came up with the idea to get some face time.”

The young man's unique approach caught the eye of an employee at a leading investment bank and he was given an interview. He wasn't immediately hired but told the Good News Network, "I've received fan emails... and a lot of feedback from various employers and industries. I've replied to every one of them."

As far as the future, he says. "If this doesn't work out, then it's back to the drawing board to create another innovative idea."

His rolodex is expanding, that's for sure.

(READ the story from ABC News)

Photo credit: Michael Penn

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