American Diplomacy Enhanced by US Citizens Volunteering Abroad

American Diplomacy Enhanced by US Citizens Volunteering Abroad

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globe-graphic.gifSix Americans were honored this week for their accomplishments as citizen diplomats: ordinary Americans taking America’s best qualities abroad through activities that improve lives and promote understanding. (Christian Science Monitor)


  1. “For a growing number of experts, this image problem can never be fully addressed by government action but also requires individuals to realize they are America’s face to the world ? its front line of diplomats”

    I like the reminder that the people of a country, are also that country. Taking the ownership and responsibility to show what they belive that country represents by action, opposed to what they don’t by words.

    Less opposing what isn’t wanted, and more action for what is wanted, kudos to them 🙂

  2. I totally agree with you, Jemue. I especially like this quote from the article: “… there are simple things we all can do to be good global citizens and engage America more with the world.” So true. Like behaving in a gracious, respectful manner when visiting another country.