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Iraqis in Baghdad Embrace Valentine's Day as Peace Settles In

Civics and World - General

Valentines Day - Army Corp of Engineers photoIraq's capital is embracing Valentine's Day this year with a huge public display of affection and residents fostering romance like never before.

After decades of war and dictator rule, and with improving security, Iraqis say they are able to relax and enjoy the biggest celebration of the holiday ever.

"Iraqis need happy moments to make them forget what they have been through — we have had enough sadness," said Lina, a school administrator who believes "Valentine's Day is for everybody — not only for lovers."

(READ the AP story from CBC News)

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Thank you for making this site. Daily, I was affected by Panic Attacks which were triggered from the news and all it's negative content. I considered starting a good news site and I was so happy to find one already here.
            - Lisa

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