Good News in History, May 8

Good News in History, May 8

mother-daughter-grandma-cc-aarongilsonHappy Mother’s Day! On this day in 1914, the U.S. Congress passed legislation designating the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day, fulfilling Anna Jarvis’s wish to honor her mother who longed for a holiday that commemorated all moms.

MORE Good News on This Day:

  • The film studio Paramount Pictures (The Godfather, Titanic, Indiana Jones, and Shrek) was founded (1912)
  • Mohandas Gandhi began a 21-day fast in protest of British oppression in India (1933)
  • The Beatles album Let It Be was released (1970)
  • The first ascent of Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen was achieved by Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler (1978)

Also on this day, in 1945, a jubilant world celebrated V-E Day. Victory in Europe Day was proclaimed when the Allies in World War II finally defeated Nazi Germany. For Germans this is “a day of liberation” from the extremist Nazi government.David Attenborough-w-animal-square

And, Happy 90th Birthday to Sir David Attenborough, the legendary naturalist, broadcaster, and documentary host-producer who created the influential documentaries Life on Earth and The Life of Birds, among many others.

Other Notable Birthdays: Don Rickles (90), Melissa Gilbert, 52



  1. Much love to all the moms out there, but I have to say the salary report of $134 k per year to stay and home and take care of the family is a joke.

    I mean does this mean the salary of a single man making $100k per year is actually worth $220k per year? This man also has to do his laundry, cook for himself, etc, etc. These are life responsabilities and can never be considered a job!

    The big reason a person is paid to go out of the home to work is for just that reason, they are leaving the home, therefor are not spending thier own time in the way they choose, at the request of someone else, which means they should be paid.

    Also, stay at home moms require no additional training or experiencel, its learn as you go. EVERY other job that would pay that kind of money would require large amounts of training and experience.

    Personally I would prefer nothing more than to stay at home with my family day in and day out, thats where true happiness comes from.

    To attempt to put a dollar amount on house work and child care, of ones own home and own family is simply rediculous.

    Lets put it this way, if I had to pay someone $135k per year to take care of me and my family, theres no way I would pay that kind of money, Id stay home myself and live off wellfare.

    I know being a mom is far from easy but life itself is far from easy, that is my point. If we put a dollar figure on the chores of a mom we might as well put a dollar figure on every single aspect of life, including showering, and sleeping, both of which comsume time daily.

  2. Gotta check your comment, D (it does sound like you are a man, but just sayin’)

    First, you can’t compare a single man taking care of HIMSELF, with a woman who is giving up a career to take care of the family’s children (not to mention the husband’s laundry).

    As a stay at home mom myself, I know that it *is* helpful to state a price for the work we do. (It’s operations manager is what it is.) It’s helpful because we don’t find the same esteem coming from the world if we are at home, even though child-rearing is the most important measurement determining the health of a society… Just ask a jailor, a social worker, or a drug treatment expert.

    Showering and sleeping??!! You think the chores of a mom are like showering and sleeping? Just taking up spare time?

    I bet other moms will chime in, once they read this next mothers’ day.

    And to address your other point “the big reason a person is paid — is that they’re not spending time doing what they want”. Payment for work should be just that. What you are contributing to society should be rewarded — not only by money, but mom’s should be rewarded in non-monetary ways by society, to trade thanks for their passion with the passionate output of the society.

    all for now… geri,
    who is years past dirty diapers, thank god.