Good News in History, December 11

Good News in History, December 11

George_Mason_portrait-cropped290 years ago, American Founding Father George Mason was born. The Virginia planter, politician, and neighbor to George Washington, refused to sign the U.S. Constitution as a delegate to the Convention. His objections influenced lawmakers, like fellow Virginian James Madison, to write and include a Bill of Rights later. Mason wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights that served as a model for the federal version, which is why he is known as the Father of the US Bill of Rights. It was ratified in 1791, a year before Mason died. (1725)

Many clauses in the US Constitution also bear George Mason’s stamp, but he is mostly obscure to most Americans.

MORE Good News on this Date:

  • Tango Day is celebrated in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • UNICEF was established, the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (1946)
  • More than 150 countries united under the Kyoto Protocal agreeing to take steps to control greenhouse gas emissions (1997)
  • Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams became the first Irish Republican Army ally to meet a British leader in 76 years, Prime Minister Tony Blair (1997)
  • China joined the World Trade Organization (2001)Carolyn Waldo-LinkedIn

And, also on this day, Canadian swimmer Carolyn Waldo was born. She nearly drowned as a 3 year old and it took her 7 years to overcome her fear of water. At age 18, she began training in Synchronized Swimming and in 1988 became the first Canadian woman to win 2 gold medals at one Olympiad. (1964)