Spotting and Nurturing Your Child’s Innate Talent

Spotting and Nurturing Your Child’s Innate Talent

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photo courtesy of Sun StarSuzy likes to pirouette from room to room on her tippy toes. Jose spends hours in the yard studying ants and lizards. And little Claire is a neatnik who puts away the groceries in alphabetical order.

Every child is born with a gift, an ability to dance or analyze or organize. Parents, however, don’t always recognize these talents, especially if the skills don’t fit into the traditional parameters of the classroom. The beginning of the school year is a perfect time to discover — and develop — your child’s strengths.


“Irrespective of genetics or biology, all kids have a special area of achievement,” says Miami psychologist Albert Zbik. “It’s up to the parents to make sure that they’re exposed to as many things as possible so they can figure out what they like. It’s about cultivating potential talent.”

Zbik, who will discuss the subject at a Baptist Children’s Hospital program Thursday in Miami, calls on parents to be vigilant in spotting these talents. The clues, he says, are there if adults watch for them.

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Photo courtesy of Sun Star


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