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Guy Teams Up With Internet to Give Dying Friend a Parting Gift

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friend gets advanced copy before dying-YOUTUBEA man with cancer, who was not expected to live past June, wished he knew how his favorite book series would end. The latest installment of Harry Turtledove's series, "The War That Came Early," isn't due out until July.

His friend, suspecting the "internet can do anything," used Reddit to obtain an advance copy, effectively lifting the only remaining regret of his dying friend.

After posting the request last month on one of the internet's most amazing online communities, it was quickly flooded with comments and helpful suggestions. A mere 5 hours later, Colton Jang was connected with an editor who could provide the advanced copy -- and even arrange a phone conversation with the author for his friend to hear about books planned for the distant future.

Watch the young man, who still dons his hospital bracelet, open his amazing birthday gift in the video below.

(BEWARE the expletives! "Holy S#@t" is loudly repeated, as Nachu expresses his utter shock over his friend's achievement.)  Or, you can read the full story at HLN-TV, instead.

Thanks to TM for sending the link!


#1 alexlovesbrian 2012-02-29 10:42
What a great friend! A wonderful idea and it is amazing how the internet CAN do anything! I hope I can touch someone's life in the same way some day. I'll definitely keep this idea in mind :)
#2 jeanhf 2012-02-29 12:29
The internet CAN do anything but it's the people who are willing to help each other that use it for that reason that is so AMAZING! How fabulous to have a friend like that! What a wonderful way to impact someone's life. Time is precious...

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