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Trucking Hero: 'Something Inside Me Made Me Stop'

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trucker gets award-GoodyearphotoAmerican truck driver Mike Schiotis, his voice quaking and eyes tearing up, told a group of trucking journalists last night how he saved a passers-by’s life and how he was scared that he was going to die.

The reason Schiotis was talking to the journalists? He won the annual Goodyear Highway Hero Award.

Schiotis, a driver for Panther Expedited Services Inc., was en route to his destination in Pennsylvania when he noticed a female pedestrian with a man walking closely behind her. He slowed to take a closer look and realized the man had a gun.

That’s when the fear hit. He told the group of journalists that he had one hand on the gear shift and thinking that everything would be okay if he just kept driving “But,” he said, “something inside me made me stop.”

(READ the story in Today's Trucking)


#1 tghiselin 2012-03-26 09:36
Awesome!! Great example for others to follow.

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