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Macomb Santa Claus Brings Christmas to Detroit Projects for 20th Year

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Santa to Detroit projects Mike Chase -family photoTwenty years ago, he brought his first bag of stuffed toys to the children living in the Detroit housing projects. This year Mike Chase arrived in a 25-foot U-Haul truck filled with clothes, food and toys for the dozens of families who know him as Santa C.

Chase, 51, who lives in suburban Macomb County, says, “I know I can’t stop, and I never will, because they rely on me for a Christmas.”

Hundreds of family, friends and complete strangers who hear his story open their hearts, homes and wallets to support his annual Christmas Run for the Needy.

“I have neighbors who say, ‘Here’s $100, I’m paying for the U-Haul this year,’” Chase said. “Even in lean years, no one has ever stopped giving. Neighbors and co-workers go out of their way to buy special toys for these kids, which is the backbone of the whole thing. None of these people have to, but they do.”

(READ the story in the Macomb County

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