Stray Pit Bull Saves a Woman and Child From Attacker (Video)

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Pit Bull - Love-A-Bull photo from YouTubeA Florida woman named Angela was leaving a playground with her toddler in Port Charlotte when a man approached her in the parking lot and threatened her at knife point.

Suddenly, a Pit Bull who had been wandering the area charged the man, growling and barking until the attacker fled in surrender.

An animal control officer believed the exceptional part of the story was the fact that the dog had never met the woman or child before, yet instinctively defended them.

“You hear about family dogs protecting their owners, but this dog was like her guardian angel,” told Pet Pulse.

(READ more of the story in the Dog Files) And, WATCH the video below to fall in love with the pit bull breed!

 Filmed at the Love-A-Bull celebration of National Pit Bull Awareness Day, Nov 6, 2011 in Austin, Texas

Thanks to Jess Ica for submitting the news story to our Facebook page!

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