New Microbe Discovered Eating Gulf Oil Spill

New Microbe Discovered Eating Gulf Oil Spill

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Microscopic microbes degrade oil into smaller globuletsA newly discovered type of oil-eating microbe suddenly is flourishing in the Gulf of Mexico and  gobbling up the BP spill at a much faster rate than expected, scientists reported Tuesday.

Scientists discovered the new microbe while studying the underwater dispersion of millions of gallons of oil spilled since the explosion of BP’s Deepwater Horizon drilling rig.

Also, the microbe works without significantly depleting oxygen in the water.

“Our findings … suggest that a great potential for intrinsic bioremediation of oil plumes exists in the deep-sea.”

(READ the full story at MSNBC)

Photo: This microscopic image shows how oil is degraded by microbes that break it up into even smaller globulets.


  1. This is great news. But at the end of the story, “the research was supported by … a $500 million, 10-year grant from BP.”

    So, scientists whose paycheck is ultimately signed by the polluter BP are telling us that BP’s pollution is being taken care of by the new microbe.

    I’m not saying it’s NOT true, but maybe we should be a bit skeptical until it’s confirmed by truly INDEPENDENT scientists. Fingers crossed!