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Diners Pay What They Can Afford at One World Cafe

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The owners of the all-natural One World Cafe in Salt Lake City have adopted a "pay what you can" philosophy doing their part to end hunger in America. Guests are asked to pay what they feel the meal is worth and if a diner doesn’t have any money to pay for their meal, they can volunteer to wash dishes, clean or weed in the organic garden. After two years, they’ve opened a sister restaurant in Denver, called So ALL May Eat…


At One World, patrons have given (the owner) Cerreta a car, bought new dishes, arranged to professionally clean her carpets, supplied new tile for the restaurant bathrooms, and donated property for an organic garden and funded a new irrigation system for it. Last week, a gentleman left a $50 bill next to an empty bowl of soup at SAME. Since opening, one man has regularly come in and left money on the counter without eating, stating "I was blessed today so I though I’d pass it on." He’s homeless.  (Time)