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Introduction to the Good News Network

Since 1997, people have turned to the Good News Network as an antidote to the barrage of negativity experienced daily in the mainstream media. Now, Good News Network is #1 on Google (when searching for "good news")

  • Fact 1: While the U.S. homicide rate dropped by 42 percent, the network news coverage of murders jumped more than 700 percent in the 1990's. (Center for Media and Public Affairs)
  • Fact 2: People are turning away from mainstream news. On a weekday evening, less than 25 percent of the homes nationwide tune in to ABC, CBS and NBC news — combined. And, newspaper readership is declining steadily.
  • Fact 3: Young people are learning how positive thinking can directly affect performance and happiness. A positive psychology course at Harvard is the most popular class on campus with around 850 students enrolled.

Featuring original news articles by the Good News Network, along with authors and columnists like David Ignatius, Jeanne Marie Laskas, David Suzuki, and Carol Adrienne.

Gen. Colin Powell, Former Sec. of State said, 
"I enjoyed reading the positive stories... Keep up your good work"

News to Enthuse

The Letters from readers testify to the positive outcomes they've experienced since reading the Good News Network. Good news can change one's outlook and change one's life and health: Researchers at the Harvard University School of Public Health found that optimism cuts the chances of developing heart disease and the rate of lung-decline as we age.

Now in her 16th year of publishing positive news, the editor is convinced by her own personal experiences that health and well-being dominates one's life as a result of a daily focus on good news.  Read her essay, Why Good News?

"News That Reflects Our Values"

  • Seven categories cover the seven areas of life: Family, Business, Recreation, Health, the Environment, Civics, and Inspirational
  • Seven values are inherent in the good news philosophy featured in all stories: Responsibility, Integrity, Freedom, Compassion, Cooperation, Generosity and Equality (Oneness)
  • In addition to the regular menu of news and essays, where every article is deemed compelling and worth your time, the Web site now features lighter fare in a daily column for coffee breaks called, On This Day in History.

Reporters' Questions For the Good News Network

  • Does this mean you are opposed to the media's negative stories? (Answer)
  • But good news doesn't sell! People want the blood and gore, not the victories and enlightenment. Will people want good news?  Answer:
    Past performance proves that people do want the positive:
    • In newspaper supplements, Parade was the most successful.
    • The number one magazine for decades was Readers' Digest.
    • Number one in TV talk for many years was Oprah and her Angel Network.
    • Leading in prime time is Extreme Home Makeover


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I am totally sick of hearing about murders, drugs, and all the rubbish the commercial networks bombard us with. I am not sticking my head in the sand. It's just that I think, enough is enough. I get depressed as it is, without hearing about all the negative stuff in the world. Thanks for making my day.
- Bruce H.,
Blue Mountains near Sydney Australia

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