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This Champion Racehorse Paints, Raises Thousands for Retired Thoroughbreds

Recreation - General

horse paints - NBC videoA speedy horse named Metro Meteor won $300,000 over his career on the track. Now he's picked up a new vocation.

Forced to retire after knee injuries, he was given a new life when adopted by artist Ron Krajewski and his wife, Wendy.

The equine was constantly moving his head around, so Ron put a paintbrush in his mouth. The 9-year-old thoroughbred is now painting to benefit other horses in need.

The horse originals have become a sensation, with a waiting list of fans willing to pay as much as $500 each.

Best of all, the paintings have brought in $20,000 with half of it going to a racehorse adoption program.

(WATCH the video below, or READ the story from NBC TODAY)

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