Rise of the Nifty Fifty: The Middle Aged Are Having More Fun...

Rise of the Nifty Fifty: The Middle Aged Are Having More Fun Than Those Half Their Age

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Photo by Sun StarThe average 50 year old is living the life of someone half their age, a study in the UK revealed last week.

Researchers found the typical fifty-year-old is more sociable, happy and active than someone in their mid to late 20s.

They enjoy more nights out, meet up with more friends and travel more on weekends.

Half of over 50s said their focus is on enjoying life to the full, compared to three in ten 20 year olds.

The survey of 4,000 Brits was commissioned by Benenden Healthcare, a mutual society which provides for families and individuals.

A spokesman said: ‘’This research shows those in their fifties certainly know how to live life to the full.

‘’The modern 50 year old spends more time than ever on things that boost their contentment in life and with life expectancy rising all the time, being middle aged is no longer a precursor to winding down.

“Those in their fifties are happier, socialize and explore more than those half their age and even appear fitter.

‘’Perhaps it’s because people’s priorities change over the years – with those who are older making time to do what they want, and able to reflect on what they have or haven’t done with their life and so playing ‘catch-up.

‘’It’s easy for twenty-somethings to get caught up in the stresses and demands of a job, trying to get a foot through the door, but in doing so let other parts of their life slip by the wayside.

‘’It’s important for people of all ages to maintain a good work/life balance and look after their health and wellbeing.

The study examined the lifestyle of 4,000 Brits nationwide aged between 18 and 75 on their level of happiness and different aspects of their life.

And it found that those aged over 50 ranked their contentment 7.6 out of 10 and came out top on everything, while those half their age rated themselves 6.5.

Experts worked out that a modern 50 year old goes out twice a week, catches up with four friends and has three weekends away a year.

But the typical 20-something heads out just one evening a week, sees three mates and takes two short breaks.