Rooftop Wind Turbines Power Bronx Subsidized Apartment Bldg

Rooftop Wind Turbines Power Bronx Subsidized Apartment Bldg

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AeroVironment wind turbines were used by Blue SeaA Bronx apartment developer that specializes in green buildings wanted to experiment with wind power in urban housing, so he chose a subsidized apartment complex built last year to offer a renewable energy experience to its low-income residents.

The electricity charges offset by the ten rooftop wind turbines may total thousands of dollars each month, leaving tens of thousands of extra dollars per year to offer programs including job training and counseling free of charge to residents or invest more in attractive, ecological landscaping.

Committed to the mission of green and sustainable communities and homes, the Blue Sea Development Company has developed thousands of units of affordable housing over the past 30 years and built the first affordable Energy Star (2002) and LEED Silver (2007) affordable housing developments in New York State. Other current green developments include two new affordable cooperative buildings and the renovation of an occupied 15-story 200-unit low income senior housing building. Their website is currently under construction.

(READ the story in CS Monitor) RELATED from the New York Times, 2009: