Europeans Discover Sweet Potato – US Exports Boom

Europeans Discover Sweet Potato – US Exports Boom

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sweet potato good newsDid you know sweet potatoes – a perennial favorite on Thanksgiving tables – was virtually unknown in Europe ten years ago?

Now, Europeans, especially Britons, are crazy for the vitamin-packed, cholesterol-free tubers and U.S. farmers have found a booming market for the sweet potato on the tables of health-conscious Europeans.

In the last five years, the value of U.S. sweet potato exports have more than doubled to $51.4 million.

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  1. The main problem the FDA has created for us is they prohibit
    any distinction between yams and sweet potatoes.
    however, the nutritional differences are quite large.
    Yams are nutritionally weak in vitamins and minerals.
    Sweet potatoes are just the opposite!…
    they provide good amounts of what we need.

    Good luck trying to tell the difference at the market.
    -FDA requires the names to be used interchangeably!