The Woman Who Saves Young Smiles From Pain

The Woman Who Saves Young Smiles From Pain

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The Pediatric Dental Initiative Surgery Center, NBC video clipOne woman is changing the lives of thousands of children in a unique California facility created to provide quick and free dental care for kids in pain.

Her Pediatric Dental Initiative uses private donations and volunteers dentists to treat 2,000 children near Santa Rosa every year.

WATCH the Making a Difference video below, or at MSNBC


  1. Interesting quote from the Spanish dentist on the high prevalence of dietary risk factors for poor dental health. Why do they drink soda? It’s a cheap food. I am sure PDI educates the parents about this, but what do you do when your child is hungry and your pockets are empty? A tough problem. Looks like a Class A operation though.

  2. I can’t believe parents feed their kids soda.
    They should give them water, and spend money on peanut butter, saltines, bread cheese and apples.

    An ABC news show (20.20) did a documentary about the Appalachian area. They found out that the Mountain Dew everyone drinks simply rots everyone’s teeth prematurely. The soda company heard this was being broadcast and ponied up tens of thousands of dollars for free dental care in the region, so they would not look like such a culprit.