5,600 New Species Found in Deep Sea

5,600 New Species Found in Deep Sea

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sea-cucumber-transparent.jpgDeep in the ocean where there is no light, scientists have documented more than 5,600 new species, including a fish that survives for 100 years and a worm that drills for oil consuming the chemicals buried there.

Deeper than 3,280 feet below the ocean surface, in a depth teeming with life, the researchers have worked, recording more than 230,000 species so far.

They hope to add several thousand more by October 2010, according to the latest update on a 10-year census of marine life, according to the AP.

Scientists say they will complete their study in one year and could announce that a million or more species remain unknown.

Read about the exciting research in AP story via MSNBC, and watch the video below…