60 Pianos Placed on NYC Streets to Invite Players

60 Pianos Placed on NYC Streets to Invite Players

street-piano-sing-for-hope-photo.jpgFor two weeks, anyone on a whim can play tunes on 60 free public pianos placed at landmark locations around New York City, thanks to British concept artist Luke Jerram and Sing for Hope, the nonprofit that coordinated the US project.

The musical art installation, which previously ‘played’ in London, Brazil and Sydney, opened yesterday with pianos inviting players throughout the Big Apple from the Coney Island boardwalk to Lincoln Center.

The results in other cities have been surprising and life-changing, he said in an interview. A woman in Sao Paulo heard her daughter play for the first time on one of Jerram’s pianos in a train station. The mother had worked to pay for lessons for four years, but the family had no piano at home. In Sydney, a couple met at a piano and are now married, Jerram said.

Most pianos will be open for song until 10 p.m. After the art installation concludes, the pianos will be donated to schools and hospitals.

WATCH the video below, or read the AP story at MSNBC


  1. That’s a great idea!!!:-) Drive really safe, and I thank and praise God for all you guys and for all the blessings and wonderful people in our lives- always remember how wonderful, special, meaningful, and amazing you all are!:-) God is really amazing:-)

  2. I love this story! I followed up by going to youtube.com and doing a search for “public pianos”. All day long I’ve been listening to wonderful piano playing while doing other things online. I might do the same tomorrow. Thanks, Geri, for making my day as you often do. ~ Ellen