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Frantic Trucker Miraculously Reunited With Cat Co-pilot After Posting Photo to Obscure Online Forum (GNN Podcast)

This 23-year-old trucker was sick with worry when his beloved cat co-pilot went missing – but incredibly, an obscure online forum helped to reunite...

Frantic Trucker Miraculously Reunited With Cat Co-pilot After Posting Photo to Obscure Online Forum

This 23-year-old trucker was sick with worry when his beloved cat companion went missing – but thankfully, this Reddit page helped to reunite them.

Frozen Cat That Was Found Unresponsive, Buried in Snow Makes Miraculous Recovery

After a heart-stopping rescue from an icy Montana snow bank, animal lovers are rejoicing over this cat's miraculous recovery. Earlier this week, Fluffy the cat's...

35,000 People Have Applied to Take Care of Couple’s Cat Sanctuary on a Greek Island

For years, Joan and Richard have cared for dozens of stray, sick, and injured cats on a Greek island–now help on Facebook has been trickling in.

Watch Curious Cat Suddenly Discover That She Has Ears After Striking a Pose in the Mirror

Judging by the look on the feline's face, it seems that she had to make sure that she was not being pranked by the human holding the camera.

‘Look what the cat dragged in’: Police Praise Cat for Cleaning Up Streets By Bringing Home Bag of Drugs

Typical house cats might surprise their humans with dead birds or mice – but this feline’s owner was shocked when he found what his...

Man Creates Elaborate Cardboard Castle to Reconcile With His Cat – and It Worked

This cat owner felt bad about making his feline friend endure a miserable medical treatment – so he grabbed 40 cardboard boxes and got to work.

Watching This Little Girl Read to a Sleepy Cat is the Video to Soothe Your Soul

This video of a little girl and her feline friend reading a bedtime story is the perfect antidote to a stressful day.

Weekend Funnies: Cat Delights in Being His Human’s Soccer Ball

This ball of fur must have gone from watching soccer games to wanting to be part of the action—though no athleticism is involved. A man...

Celebrate the World Cup Final By Watching This Hilarious Cat Meow, ‘Goal!’

Football fans around the world are gearing up for the finale of the World Cup soccer tournament this Sunday between Croatia and France. And judging...

The Only Thing Crazy About This Cat Lady is the Number of Felines She’s Rescued: 28,000 (Video)

Lynea Lattanzio is a certified (un-crazy) cat lady who would “rather have 800 cats than another man.” “Been there. Done that— bought the tee-shirt.” Instead of...

Search for Cat Litter Led Woman to Fateful Encounter With Stranger Who Adopted Her Beloved Persian

Miraculous days start “normally” – and on this fateful day, I was back home with my family for Christmas after returning from 500 miles away,...

Rogue Cat Who Was Hiding in JFK Airport For 8 Days is Finally Rescued

Pepper may have lost one of her nine lives if it had not been for a resourceful team of Port Authority police officers.

Now You Can Win a Ton of Free Stuff For Your Local Shelter By Teaching Your Cat to High-Five

You can now help your favorite animal shelter or rescue center by doing something as simple as giving a high-five. Cat Pawsitive, a life-saving program...

Bullied Boy Finds Beauty in Himself After Adopting Cat With the Same 2 Rare Conditions as Him

Madden Humphreys has been bullied for the exact conditions that make him special – but now he has found magic in a furry companion who has the exact same conditions as him.

Nova Scotia Becomes 1st Province to Ban Cat Declawing

The practice has already been banned in over 20 countries – and now, Nova Scotia has become the first Canadian province to take a stance.

Confident Cat Leaps With Bed in Mouth and Lands Perfectly in Napping Position

This phenomenal feline should have been competing in the Olympics.

When Homeless Man Passes Away, Neighbors Step Up to Care For His Beloved Cat Colony

Antonio Garcia was content to stay in his alley as long it meant that he could be with his 30 stray cat companions. So when he passed away in January, Garcia's neighborhood friends took up the mantle as caretakers.

Man and His Cat Have Some Amusing Advice on How to Face the New Year

This animated cat and his human have some purrrrfect tips for anyone who wants to face 2018 with optimism and humor.

Watch Cat Take Drastic Action to Stop Her Human From Singing About Her in the Bathtub

When Brad Johnsen said that his cat Pepé hates him singing in the bathtub, he really meant it.