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Native Bumble Bees Are Poised to Be First Pollinators Protected Under California Endangered Species Act

The California Fish and Game Commission has voted to begin the process of classifying 4 species of bumble bee native to the state as endangered.
Endangered Species at 40-ES Coalition

US Endangered Species Act Turns 40, With Hundreds of Comeback Stories

President Richard Nixon signed into law, 40 years ago on December 28, the strengthened Endangered Species Act after Congress realized that without further protection from...

5 Ways Companies, Governments, and People Are Helping Bees—on National Honeybee Day

In honor of National Honeybee Day August 17th, here are five ways that people are helping honeybees and how you can join the fight to save them.

Celebrate ‘World Firefly Day’ by Keeping Nights Dark: You Can Help Stop the Species Decline – Here’s How

Firefly numbers appear to be dwindling but you can help by eliminating stray lighting in your yard at night. Here are some tips...

It’s Been 127 Years Since California Condors Were in the Pacific Northwest – Now They’re Coming Back

These massive vultures are slowly, but surely, being reintroduced into the wild – and their next destination is the Pacific Northwest.

Good News in History, December 28

Happy 40th Birthday to John Legend, the singer–pianist–composer who recently became the 15th person (and first black man) ever to achieve EGOT status (winning...

Watch Olympic Sprinter Run Onto Busy Highway So He Can Save Tortoise From Traffic

David Verburg doesn't just use his speed to win gold medals in the Olympics – he also uses it to save endangered tortoises.

Prairie Dogs Win Major Victory in Court

Prairie pups on the range are now more likely to live and see another day thanks to a recent court ruling. The 10th Circuit of Court of...

Police Rescue Over 6,000 Turtles in Largest Wildlife Bust in the Nation

Four tons of endangered turtles were rescued earlier this week, saved from being turned into soup and souvenirs by a Special Task Force.

These 4 Endangered Flowers Will Not Perish Under Florida Bulldozers

Thanks to the Endangered Species Act, these four breathtaking shrubs will be given a fighting chance against building projects threatening their survival.

Louisiana Black Bear Removed From Endangered Species List

The Louisiana black bear is the state mammal for Louisiana, and it is one of 16 subspecies of the American black bear. While the...

Success: Green Sea Turtles of Florida and Mexico No Longer Endangered

Years of coordinated conservation efforts have paid off for the green sea turtle populations in Florida and the Pacific coast of Mexico. The Fish...

Gardening Giant Ortho to Drop Chemicals Linked to Bee Deaths

One of the largest home and garden pesticide makers in America is halting its use of a chemical blamed for killing honey bees. Among several...

Thriving Yellowstone Grizzlies to Leave the Endangered Species List

With the abundance of grizzlies making a comeback in Yellowstone National Park, the hefty mammals might be off the list for good.

Manatee Population Has Rebounded 500 Percent, No Longer Endangered

Manatees have made a huge comeback as a result of significant improvements in habitat conditions and threat reduction. Only about 1,267 West Indian manatees could...

The Animal Welfare Movement Saw Major Victories in 2015 in the U.S.

Few activist groups benefited from such sweeping legislative gains in the United States as the animal welfare movement did during 2015. The extraordinary victories came...

Rare Fish Saved From Extinction, Swims Off Endangered Species List

A tiny fish has beaten big odds to swim off the endangered species list. Only the second fish to make it off the Endangered Species...

Trophy-Hunted Lion’s Tragedy Leads to Animal Rights Triumphs

On July 2, Cecil, a 13-year-old male Southwest African lion, was killed in a hunting expedition in Zimbabwe. A main attraction at the Hwange National Park, Cecil...

Falcons Soar Off Endangered List With Irony, From Nests in City Skyscrapers

After nearly becoming extinct across North America due to humans’ widespread pesticide use, one species–the fastest on earth–is making a comeback, thanks to human...

Humpbacks Whales Leap Off Endangered Species List

The majestic humpback whales have something else to sing about. Thanks to the banning of commercial whaling nearly 50 years ago and vigorous conservation efforts,...