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Billionaire Co-Founder of Home Depot is Giving Away 80% of his Wealth to Charity

The Home Depot Co-founder Bernie Marcus has pledged to give most of his wealth to charity—hopefully before the 90-year-old dies.

When Mom Wanted to Build Walker for Her Son, Home Depot Workers Sent Them for Ice Cream and Got to Work

When Christian Moore told these employees what she was planning on building for her son, the workers gently ushered her out the door and got to work.

Home Depot is Donating $50 Million to Job Training for Veterans and Disadvantaged Youth

In order to curb rising housing prices and labor shortages, Home Depot has just announced that they will be making a huge donation towards...

Home Depot Worker Shocks Mom When She Helps Build Special Needs Costume – and Pays For It

Halloween is a joyous time for all children – even for special needs kids who might have a harder time orchestrating their costume around...

A Greeter at Home Depot Sings To Brighten His Customers’ Spirits (WATCH)

Ken Williams will do anything in his power to make sure each and every customer smiles before entering the Floridian store.

Home Depot Workers Use Building Skills to Help Sick Baby Walk

Silas's mother didn't know how to find her disabled son a walker after he'd outgrown every model on the market – so these employees simply made their own.

Home Depot Has Remodeled 22,000 Disabled Vets’ Homes, Selfies Needed

Since early September, an army of Home Depot workers have modified hundreds of homes for disabled veterans. More than 4,800 “Team Depot” members have joined...

Home Depot Employees Build Custom Cart for Dog Battling Cancer- Video

A 15-year-old dog that lost the use of his back legs will be able to continue his favorite pastime, taking walks, thanks to the...
Bee protest Home Depot Liz Welch-OrganicConsumersAssn

Dressed as Bees Families Ask Home Depot to Love Bees

Thirty people braved the Minnesota cold to ask the local Home Depot Hardware store to “show bees some love” on Valentine’s Day. Babies in...
chick-fila manager in snow-Lauren Dango-on-FB

Home Depot, Chick-Fil-A and Others Open Doors to Snow-Stranded Drivers

It only took a few inches of snow to leave thousands of drivers stranded across the South, as inaccurate weather predictions and lack of...
Renovation Home Depot Foundation

Home Depot Gives Another Half Million Dollars to Joplin Tornado Relief

The Home Depot Foundation presented a $500,000 grant to the Joplin community recovery fund, bringing to almost $1 million the amount donated to the...

Home Depot Stores Swear off Ancient Timber

The Rainforest Action Network and other environmental groups have won pledges from the 536-store Home Depot chain and almost 1,000 other lumberyards to no...

After Policeman Gives Wandering Child Ride Home, He Returns With Groceries and Treats for the Family

After a Texas police officer saw a little boy walking down the street by himself, he took it upon himself to help the youngster's entire family.

When Thieves Steal Landscaper’s Truck and Equipment, Police Officers Pool Their Money to Help

These officers could not bear to see such a hardworking man be robbed of his livelihood; so they opened up their hearts – and their wallets – to help.

Retiree Has Driven Over 64,000 Miles to Ensure Low-Income Students Can Get to Class

Regardless of the weather, the driving conditions, or the distance, you can bet that New York native Paul Goetchius will make sure low-income students...

More Than 70 Volunteers Fix Up Childhood Home So Homeless Veteran Can Move Back in

“This just blows me away that there are people that are really truly that kind. It absolutely restores my view of humanity,” says the 60-year-old veteran.

Strangers Join Police Officers to Buy 95-Year-old New Air Conditioner

As summer temperatures soar in the south, these police officers weren't about to let a WWII veteran soak in his own sweat all day. The...

Costco Pushes Suppliers Away From Bee-killing Pesticides

Costco debuted the news that it will take steps to address bee-killing pesticides in its supply chain. Its inaugural bee policy encourages suppliers of garden...

How Big Chains From Walmart to H&M Are Cleaning Up Chemicals

Thousands of synthetic chemicals are used to create toys, clothes, makeup, cleaning products, and all of the other items we use everyday. Some are...

Car Company Shows Nonprofits How to Do Their Good Deeds Better (LOOK)

Just like the television show Extreme Home Makeover, we love to bring you stories of people coming together to surprise a deserving family or...