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Oil Company Surrenders 15 Land Leases on Sacred Native American Land

Though Davon Energy could have started drilling on the Badger-Two Medicine land, they surrendered the land leases after being met with firm opposition.

(CORRECTION) First Native American Woman Federal Judge

CORRECTION: Using a February 16, 2016 United Press International article as the main source, we incorrectly dated this story. The Senate confirmation actually took...

Farmer Returns 700 Acres of California Coast to Native American Tribe

A California landowner is returning his family farm to a neighboring Native American tribe that was forced inland, away from their breathtaking coastline, 150...

Promise to Her Grandmother Brings Better Life to Native Americans

A little girl’s promise to her grandmother has meant nine million dollars in goods and services for Native Americans on a South Dakota reservation. Today,...

Science Discovers Sweetgrass is Natural Mosquito Repellant, Native Americans Knew All Along

Mother Nature often knows best–and when it comes to repelling mosquitoes, sweetgrass is one of its secret weapons. This is no surprise to Native Americans,...

Irish Town Builds Memorial to Thank Native Americans Who Helped During the Potato Famine

A sculpture was erected in Ireland to thank a Native American tribe for sending what little money they could to the Irish people suffering...

Wild Horses Mesmerized by Native American Drumming

Jill Starr works to save American mustangs and domestic horses from abuse. Her organization now includes Red Horse Nation, which helps Native American youths...
NIKE shoes customized

Nike Designs Shoe for Native Americans, Donates Profit

Nike yesterday unveiled the Nike Air Native N7, a unique athletic performance shoe designed specifically for Native Americans. The N7 is the result of...
Native Americans and whites in Custer

Historic Healing for Native Americans and Whites Near Wounded Knee

(Custer, South Dakota) While some South Dakota whites will always be bitter about the modern Wounded Knee standoff three decades ago, a Native American...

Prison Sweat Lodge Benefits Native American Inmates

"Prisons around the US are allowing ceremonial saunas for American Indian inmates, just as they offer religious services for prisoners of other faiths. Traditional...

Good News in History, January 23

On this day 170 years ago, Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman doctor in the United States. The local press boasted about the gender...

Good News in History, January 18

100 years ago today, the Paris Peace Conference opened in Versailles following the end of World War I. Involving diplomats from 32 countries and nationalities,...

A Wave of Women is Propelled into Congress on History-making Election Night

Yesterday’s election will ensure that the U.S. House of Representatives looks a lot more like the country it represents. A ‘pink wave’ is sending a...

Good News in History, July 20

On this day 97 years ago, Congresswoman Alice Mary Robertson, who was the first woman to defeat an incumbent congressman, became the first woman...

700 Acres of Massive 1,000-Year-old Redwoods Are Being Turned into a Public Park

This pristine patch of redwoods has been a well-kept secret for over a century – and soon, it will be ready for everyone to enjoy for free.

Two Pilots Spent Their Savings on a Plane to Rescue Migrants at Sea

These pilots couldn’t stand the thought of refugees dying at sea in search of safety – so they pooled their life savings to buy a plane.

Good News in History, May 14

  On this day 20 years ago, the final episode of Seinfeld aired on NBC after a 9-year run. An audience of 76 million viewers...

When Tribe Objects to Auction of Sacred Pipe, Anonymous Buyer Pays Double So it Can Be Returned

When the Lower Sioux Indian Community objected to the sale of a sacred peace pipe last weekend, an anonymous benefactor was spurred to lend a hand.

The Greenest Town in Oil Country: ‘The future of clean energy is not just a Republican or Democratic thing’

“I’ve learned a lot in the last three years. I think I can do my part and try to be helpful. That’s the legacy I’d like to leave,” says Mayor Ross.

New Zealand Launches Dramatic Ban on All Future Off-Shore Oil Exploration

The New Zealand government has also been quick to reassure concerned parties that the transition is being made so that no jobs will be lost in the transition to a cleaner fuel economy.