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Bald Eagle Weighed Down by Large Ball of Ice is Freed By Locals Who Jumped into Frozen Lake – Watch

This eagle couldn't eat or fly after it became weighed down by a heavy ice ball in Lake Michigan, but some intrepid rescuers were ready to assist.

Bald Eagle Found in Bad Shape is Making a Remarkable Recovery

This patriotic bird is making a miraculous recovery after being found worn and exhausted in Washington D.C.

Sharpshooter Veteran Frees Trapped Bald Eagle (Video)

An Army veteran used his battlefield skills to save the life of America’s national bird—a bald eagle—and, just in time for the most patriotic...

Selfless Rescue of Bald Eagle Creates Selfie, and Video, of a Lifetime

The highlight of these brothers’ hunting trip was the animal they rescued. They even got a selfie with the bald eagle before setting it...

Eagle-Eyed Trucker Saves Bald Eagle’s Life

A truck driver just happened to notice something on the side of the road and ended up saving a bald eagle’s life. Mario Giorbano was...

Bald Eagle Population Surges in Wisconsin

In 1973, the state's natural resources department was able to find just 108 breeding pairs in the state. Today, Wisconsin's population of bald eagles is...
Eagle gets new 3D beak-Birds of Prey Northwest

Bald Eagle, Impotent Since Shooting, Gets New Beak With 3D Technology

A bald eagle shot in the face by a poacher in 2005, suffered such damage to her beak that feeding herself became impossible. Animal...

Live Bald Eagle Webcam Captivates Millions as Third Egg Hatches

A wildly popular LIVE webcam has been focused on an eagle's nest in Decorah, Iowa where three chicks have hatched from eggs tended by...

Bald Eagles are Hatching Once Again at Channel Islands

There haven't been so many bald eagle chicks on the Channel Islands in 50 years — since chemicals contaminated their food supply and destroyed...

Bald Eagles Flourish, as Tourists Flock to See Hundreds at a Time

Since their comeback from the brink of extinction in the 1960's, bald eagles have been flocking to this park every winter, attracting bird-watchers by...

Wounded Bald Eagle May Get Bionic Beak

An American Bald Eagle was found with it's top beak shot off, tragically leaving it unable to tear its prey or feed itself.  The...

Bald Eagle Soars Off Endangered List: 11,000 Pairs From Only 417

In one of the world's greatest conservation success stories, bald eagle populations have climbed from a dismal count of just 417 nesting pairs in...

Bald Eagle Population Recovers in Indiana, From Zero to 200

In the 1980's Indiana wildlife officials imported 73 eagle chicks to raise in artificial nests at Lake Monroe, for eventual release into the wild. ...

Bald Eagle Numbers Soar

USA Removing Eagle from Endangered Species List After nearly four decades on the endangered species list, bald eagles are soaring once again, their population climbing...

Good News in History, November 20

50 years ago, DDT was banned for residential use by President Nixon as part of a total phase-out in the U.S. After its widespread...

50 Years of Conservation Finally Lifts This Beloved Warbler Off The Endangered Species List

The Kirtland’s warbler has been one of the most endangered songbirds in the world, but after 50 years of conservation it lifts off Endangered Species List.

After Squirrel Stopped a Woman in the Woods, She Found It Was Asking Her to Help Its Injured Baby

A mother squirrel and its injured baby are safe and sound thanks to one woman who decided to listen to their pleas for help.

Watch This Fun-Loving Owl Have an Absolute Hoot When It Discovers Children’s Inflatable Pool

This cute little raptor found a pretty delightful way to cool off in the summer heat when it happened to stumble upon a neighborhood kiddie pool.

Too Drunk to Drive, Man Saves Baby Bird’s Life By Paying Uber to Bring it to a Rescue Center

When a responsible party-goer had already had too many drinks to bring a baby bird to a rescue center, he simply called an Uber for the feathery passenger.

Woman Has Been Feeding Hungry Swans Every Day for the Last 10 Years After Dam Was Installed

Every day rain or shine, this 70-year-old grandma has doled out specialized bird seed to a flock of swans residing at an English pond.