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Farmer Saved Fox Cubs By Performing Emergency C-Section On Mother That Had Just Been Hit By a Car

These cute critters may not have survived to see the light of day if it had not been for the quick actions of a 24-year-old farmer.

Fishermen Save Starving Fox That Was Stranded on an Iceberg at Sea

This little guy may not have survived much longer if it had not been for some hawk-eyed fishermen who were watching the horizon.

Watch Audacious Arctic Fox Persuade Ice Fisherman to Share His Precious Catch

Even this tough Siberian fisherman could not resist the persistent charms of a brave Arctic critter trying to find a meal.

Michael J. Fox Nails Soulful Guitar Solo, Playing With Dave Matthews For Parkinson’s Research

If you thought “Johnny Be Good” was good, check out this sweet version of “All Along The Watchtower” by Dave Matthews and Michael J. Fox.

Watch Volunteer Firefighters Rescue a Wild Fox Stuck In Soccer Net

Somehow a small wild fox got stuck in a soccer net in a Pennsylvania park. Luckily these firefighters understood ‘what the fox says.’

On Endangered List Since the 60s, Fox Squirrel Finally Jumps Off

After being on the endangered species list for the last 48 years, the Delmarva Fox Squirrel has bounced back from extinction. Also called eastern fox...

Michael J. Fox Climbs North Dakota Mountain to Fund Parkinson’s Research

Hikers climbing North Dakota’s tallest mountain met an unexpected visitor on the trail Sunday. Actor Michael J. Fox was headed to the top of the...

Watch This Sweet Injured Baby Fox Get Rescued in the Wild

A Virgina couple hunting for gems in the great outdoors stumbled upon something much more precious. Beau Ouimette had his camera handy last year when...

100-Year Return of Rare Sierra Nevada Red Fox to Yosemite Nat’l Park

Excited Yosemite National Park officials yesterday reported the first confirmed sighting of a rare Sierra Nevada red fox in the park in nearly 100...
Sierra Nevada red fox - US forest-service

Nearly Extinct Sierra Nevada Red Fox Spotted Via Remote Camera

A rare Sierra Nevada red fox has been seen in the Stanislaus National Forest near Sonora Pass, confirming that the species continues to survive...

Firefox 3.5 Now the World’s Most Popular Browser

New site tracking from StatCounter Global Statistics shows that Firefox 3.5 is now the most used browser in the world, surpassing Internet Explorer 7....

Michael J. Fox Returns to TV with Special on Optimism

Michael J. Fox will return to TV as host of a one-hour special featuring his worldwide travels in search of optimism. "Michael J....

Dozens of Bikers Visit the Lemonade Stand of the Girl Whose Mother Helped Them One Year Ago

This little girl was delighted to be visited by more than 30 different lemonade stand customers this week—and they were all wearing leather.

Good News in History, September 1

Happy Birthday to the comedian and actress Lily Tomlin, who turns 80 years young today. She began as a standup comedian in her hometown...

Good News in History, July 31

Happy 75th Birthday to Sherry Lansing, who was named the president of 20th Century Fox in 1980 and became the first woman to head...

Good News in History, July 3

200 years ago today, the Bank for Savings in the City of New York opened its doors as the first savings bank in the...

Song of One of the Rarest Whales On the Planet Recorded for First Time (LISTEN)

For the first time in history, researchers have captured an audio recording of the extremely endangered north pacific right whale.

After Doctor Performed Open Chest Surgery on Roadside, Biker Survives Crash to Walk Daughter Down the Aisle

If this quick-thinking heart surgeon had not been on the scene of John O'Brien's motorcycle collision, then the biker would not have survived the crash.

Restaurant Offers Free Pizzas in Exchange for Groups Giving Up Their Phones During a Meal

As a means of bringing family and friends together over a hot meal, this California restaurant offers free pizzas to patrons who put away their phones.

Dog is Finally Rescued by Hiker Three Weeks After Falling into Cave Miles From Civilization

This dog may not have survived her plight in the woods of Florida if it had not been for an adventurous hiker who heard her cries for help.