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Gene Editing Technique Could Be the Cure For Anemia and Sickle Cell Disease

This promising treatment of blood mutations in mice showed a total elimination of disease or abnormality – with more testing, it could be used on humans.

‘For the First Time’, Researchers Use Healthy Stem Cells for Future Type 1 Diabetes Cure

Researchers have made a major breakthrough in developing a cure for type 1 diabetes – and human trials are set to begin soon.

How They Saved a Species in Wyoming (But Was it Worth it?)

Some people might be wondering why we put so much money and effort into saving a species – but this conservationist has a fascinating answer.

Previously Thought Impossible, Scientists Will Soon Use Gene-Editing to Try and Stop Kidney Disease in Humans

For the first time ever, scientists have identified a way to halt kidney disease brought on by a life-limiting genetic condition—and it is expected...

Scientists Just Deleted HIV in Mice Using Gene-Editing Technique

Scientists at Temple University successfully removed HIV DNA from living animals, another step forward in their effort to develop a cure for the virus...