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After Serving 3 Million Meals in Puerto Rico, Chef Travels Ahead of Hurricane Florence to Feed Even More

Celebrity chef José Andrés is no stranger to natural disaster – which is exactly why he hurried into Hurricane Florence to feed the people in need.

Struggling Farmers Turn Excess Milk Into Cheese and Yogurt for the Hungry

Most people have, at some point in their lives, worked in the restaurant or hospitality field and had to grapple with the ludicrous notion...

British Teen Posts Uplifting Notes on Bridge and ‘Helps Save Six Lives’

An 18-year-old girl’s ingenious idea to attach messages onto a bridge in Sunderland is inspiring those in despair to think twice before jumping.

New Zealand Has Vowed to Get Every Homeless Citizen Into Warm Housing Before Winter Hits in 4 Weeks

While it may be considered an ambitious goal, the New Zealand government refuses to sit by and let its citizens sleep in the cold without making an effort.

These Street Performers Spend Hours Delighting the Public So Homeless Can Take What They Need

This 28-year-old New Yorker was heartbroken by the city's homelessness problem – so he decided to use his guitar as a means of showing them some love.

4 Young Girls on GoFundMe Have Done More for the World Than Most Adults

The old saying “girls rule, boys drool” may not be exactly true, but these four young females are making a huge difference in their communities...

GoFundMe is Saying Thank You By Donating Thousands to Worthy Campaigns – Including Yours

The largest social fundraising platform in the world is celebrating Giving Tuesday by donating thousands to campaigns helping those in need.

How a Coloring Book Will Help Heal Community in Ferguson, Missouri

With Ferguson, Missouri suffering through damaging divisiveness for the last two years, you can now help the healing community through coloring.

“Uber Against Hunger” Delivers Unused Food To Needy, Hits 1000-Meal Mark

What could be more perfect than using the “sharing economy” to deliver food that people don’t want to those who desperately need it? That’s what...

Shelter Offers “Unadoptable” Feral Cats to Hunt Rats —With Big Success

With rat control problems up 67% in one year, Chicago is trying an old-fashioned, non-toxic, solution to solving the problem.

Three Years Later, Family Finally Goes Home After Superstorm Sandy

The day Superstorm Sandy hit the coast of New Jersey, Palma and her family were standing in their home in a foot of water....

How One Man Cooked Meals For 170,000 People During the Indian Floods

The city of Chennai in India experienced one of the worst monsoons in over a 100 years, with daily life coming to a standstill...

Woman Makes Sure 19,000 Cancer Patients Have a Clean House

When a cancer patient never called back after getting an estimate for cleaning services, Debbie Sardone decided to find a way to grant a...

Student Uses Coupon Clipping Skills to Buy $100,000 of Products for the Poor

Reality TV shows are good for something, it turns out. A 16-year-old girl actually learned a valuable skill while watching “Extreme Couponing,” and has turned it into a...

People Respond with Texas-Sized Generosity to Dallas Tornados

“Everything’s bigger in Texas,” the old saying goes, and Texans are demonstrating their hearts are bigger than any storm. Since December 26 when the Dallas...

Sikhs Set Up Free Bakery Near War Zone to Feed Fleeing Syrians

Sikhs are taking one of their traditions of religious hospitality to one of the most inhospitable places on Earth — five miles from the...

“Friends for Life” Connects Caring People To Lonely Seniors In Need

In the United States, more than 11 million senior citizens live alone. Everyone should have someone in their world who cares, and that’s what our group Friends...

Americans Can Donate AC Units to Seniors Who Can’t Afford Repairs

Instead of roasting in the oppressive heat of a Mississippi summer, an 81-year-old woman is breathing easier thanks to a donated air conditioner. It’s more than...

Girl With Cancer Gets VIP Bono Experience From Caring Community and Ed Norton

For one young girl who wanted to see Bono in concert, last night was a dream come true. 14-year-old Lizzy Lawson, who has a stage...

Girls From Nepal Group Home Jump Into Action Providing Earthquake Relief

When disaster struck, twenty of Nepal's most impoverished--and most fortunate--young ladies immediately stepped in to help their neighbors. The young women of the Unatti Foundation's group home...