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Family Farms Use ‘Crop Mobsters’ to Prevent More Than 1 Million Servings Of Food From Going To Waste

An innovative online platform, CropMobster is solving the problem of food waste by helping family farms to find buyers and charities who want excess food.

Jaden Smith Celebrates 21st Birthday By Deploying Vegan Food Truck to Hand Out Free Meals to Homeless

The talented young actor and musician says that the pop-up giveaway will be the first of many on Skid Row and across Los Angeles.

Researchers Used Natural Gut Bacteria to Prevent—and Reverse—Food Allergies in Pre-clinical Trials

Scientists have identified several strains of bacteria in human guts that can be used to prevent – and even reverse – allergies.

Atlanta is Transforming an Abandoned Plot of Land into the Largest Public Food Forest in the US

Not only is the Urban Food Forest set to be the largest of its kind in the United States, it is also the city's first public food space.

Determined Teen Siblings Who’ve Turned 15,000 Pounds of Food Waste into Compost Awarded Thousands to Continue

This dynamic young duo has saved thousands of pounds of food waste from ending up in landfills – and soon they'll be saving even more.

This Dog’s Adoration for His Food Bowl Got Him Adopted Just in the Nick of Time

This sweet pup may not have found a forever home this month if it had not been for his beloved metal food bowl.

Petco Becomes First and Only Major Pet Food Retailer to Ditch Artificial Ingredients

The company is now using their milestone as a means of encouraging pet owners and pet food brands to eliminate harmful ingredients.

Rather Than Calling the Cops on Hungry Young Thief, 7-11 Owner Sends Him Home With Even More Food

When this 7-Eleven store owner caught a hungry teenage boy trying to steal snacks, he started bagging up groceries for the youngster to take home.

School District Turns Unused Cafeteria Food into Take-Home Meals for Kids in Need

This school district from Indiana has come up with a brilliant solution for both food waste and student hunger.

Maryland Poised to Become the First State to Ban Polystyrene Food Containers

If approved by the governor, Maryland would become the first state to ban polystyrene products.

Service Dog Who Can Fetch Food, Clothing, and Pay for Shopping Has Transformed This Woman’s Life

Sally Whitney also credits her beloved 5-year-old pup as the reason she has a husband and university research job.

Investors Worth $6.5 Trillion Are Using Funding to Demand Change From World’s Biggest Fast Food Chains

An investor group representing $6.5 trillion is telling the fast food industry to put its money into the fight against global warming. The group, which...

When Fast Food Restaurants Encourage Obese Man to Lose Weight, He Sheds 140 Pounds in 15 Weeks

Community fast food restaurants all agreed to stop serving an obese patron in a bid to help save his life – and it resulted in a stunning weight loss story.

The Spicier You Like Your Food, The Spicier You May Lead Your Life

If you prefer spicier food, there is a good chance you also lead a spicier life, according to this latest survey of 2,000 Americans. The...

Want to Stop Eating Junk Food? New Research Says You Should Get More Sleep

This new study says that you might be getting junk food cravings because you're not getting enough sleep.

Instead of Dumping Rejected Food Shipments into Landfills, Truckers Are Donating Them to Local Charities

Instead of letting their rejected food shipments go to waste, truck drivers are being connected with local charities that can put the food to good use.

In Bid to Cut Food Waste, Kellogg’s is Using Their Rejected Cornflakes to Make Beer

They're donating a portion of the beer's sales to charity, too.

When Homeless Man Finds $17,000 Outside of Food Bank, He Turns It In So It Can Help Feed Others

Kevin Booth could have just taken the cash and run – but instead, he turned it in to the food bank volunteers so they could use it to help other people.

Cotton Seeds May Soon Become a Game-Changing New Source of Food and Income

This doctor has developed an edible cotton seed – and it has just received approval for commercialization from the Department of Agriculture.

Denmark May Begin Labeling Food According to Its Effect on Climate Change

Though the task may prove difficult for legislators, it could have a dramatic impact on grocery manufacturing, packaging, and shopping.