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First-of-its-Kind Alzheimer’s Drug is Pending FDA Approval After Patients Experienced Marked Cognitive Improvement

After reviewing the data from their recent Phase 3 trials, the Biogen pharmaceutical company is applying for FDA approval of aducanumab.

Be Sure and Floss! Researchers Say Good Dental Health ‘Substantially’ Decreases Risk of Alzheimer’s

For the first time ever, researchers have found DNA evidence of gingivitis enzymes being directly correlated to the development of Alzheimer's.

Another Study Shows How Flickering Lights Can Slow (And Maybe Even Reverse) Alzheimer’s Symptoms

This MIT researcher has published another study that further explains how and why flickering lights could be a non-pharmaceutical dementia treatment.

Though Her Alzheimer’s Worsened, Supermarket Still Found Creative Ways to Keep Her on the Team

When one of their employees was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, this supermarket went above and beyond the call of duty to make her feel valued.

Routine Eye Test Can Detect Earliest Stages of Alzheimer’s in Seconds, According to New Research

A routine eye test can detect the earliest stages of Alzheimer's disease in seconds, according to new research. The non-invasive scan looks for changes in...

Senior Enrolls in University After Alzheimer’s Diagnosis: ‘It’s a good thing because I was bored being retired!’

This 81-year-old with Alzheimer's hopes that his determination will inspire other dementia patients to fight their diagnosis.

68-Year-old With Alzheimer’s Staves Off the Disease by Climbing the Same Mountain Every Day

It has been fifty years since Sion Jair first started his daily hiking routine to deal with his health issues – and he estimates that he has climbed the mountain over 5,000 times ever since.

Alzheimer’s Gene is Neutralized in Human Brain Cells for the First Time

Instead of experimenting on mice, researchers went straight to testing on human cells – and their studies have been proven successful in halting Alzheimer's in its tracks.

Treatment For Autism to Start Trials After Successful Testing, Good For Alzheimer’s Too

The therapeutic agent, which could also be used to treat Alzheimer's, showed great success in reducing social anxiety and improving memory function.

Star-Studded ‘Hilarity for Charity’ Comedy Special to Benefit Alzheimer’s on Netflix This Week

The variety show will feature some of Hollywood's biggest names – from Jeff Goldblum to Seth Rogen and the Muppets.

Diabetes Drug ‘Significantly Reverses Memory Loss’ in Mice With Alzheimer’s

A drug developed for diabetes could be used to treat Alzheimer's after scientists found it “significantly reversed memory loss” in mice through a triple...

When Grandma With Alzheimer’s Can’t Do Her Puzzles, Teen Comes Up With Perfect Solution

Mary Frates has always adored doing word searches, but after dementia set in as she aged, the 86-year-old found herself unable to participate in her...

These Scientists Have Managed to Stop the Progress of Alzheimer’s in Animals

This treatment is making headlines in South America for its groundbreaking ability to halt the development of Alzheimer’s in animals. Brazilian researchers discovered the importance...

See The Moment This Man Learned His Missing Wife with Alzheimer’s Was Found

Scott Kegelman's reaction to this emotional phone call is enough to bring anyone to tears.

New Drug Inspires Hope For Alzheimer’s Cure

After a year of treatment, 165 patients with early onset Alzheimer's showed dramatic improvement in memory and health.

12-Year-old Creates First App to Help Alzheimer’s Patients Keep Track of Things

Due to her grandma's struggles with Alzheimer's disease, Emma Yang created a one-of-a-kind app that could change the game for dementia patients.

87-Year-Old Man Meticulously Carves Cathedral For Wife With Alzheimer’s

An 87-year-old man built a wooden cathedral to remind his ailing wife of their time together in Europe. (Video)

New Drug Makes Headway In Potential Treatment for Alzheimer’s

Researchers are cautiously optimistic after an experimental drug called solanezumab seemed to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s for people in early stages of the disease. After concluding...

Alzheimer’s Husband Proves The Heart Always Remembers

For Throwback Thursday, here’s one of the sweetest news stories from 2014, which somehow slipped past everyone at Good News Network. This husband with Alzheimer’s...

Diet May Cut Risk of Alzheimer’s by 50% (Long-term Study of 900 Seniors)

A hybrid version of the Mediterranean diet, nicknamed appropriately with the acronym MIND, could significantly lower a person’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, according...