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Woman Quits Successful City Career So She Can Live in the Woods With Over 100 Rescued Animals

Even though she had been enjoying a successful career as a wedding photographer, Daria Pushkareva had always longed for something more.

Woman Shares Home With 90 Rescue Animals She Named After Lord of the Rings Characters

If anything can be said about this 31-year-old dog sitter from Georgia, it's that she loves animals and she loves Lord of the Rings.

World’s First Cell-Grown Steak Doesn’t Cause Harm to Animals

Scientists are rejoicing over their achievement in creating the world's first cell-based steak that is grown without causing harm to animals.

Belugas to Become Residents of the World’s First Retirement Home for Ocean Animals in Show Business

These two beluga whales have spent years performing for humans – but soon, they will be the residents of the world's first open sea sanctuary.

Lab-Grown Lungs Successfully Transplanted into Living Animals Without Any Complications

With proper funding, the team believes they could be growing lungs for transplant patients much sooner than expected.

What’s Cookin’, Good Lookin’? Watch Wild Animals React to Seeing Their Own Reflections

Humans can spend an hour studying themselves in a mirror, but what about animals? A strategically placed camera in the Amazon rainforest captured the reactions...

Cat Running Across a Baseball Field Triggers a Movement That Saved 38,000 Animals

Evie the cat became a televised superstar when she ran across the baseball field 28 years ago – but more importantly, she became the inspiration for a life-saving movement.

Watch Wonderfully Animated French Poem of Animals Encouraging Snails to Celebrate Spring

Celebrate the arrival of spring weather by watching this video recreation of a children's poem about a pair of snails mourning a dead leaf in autumn.

How the Animals All Around You Can Help You Love Your Life

There are great internal benefits that come from making yourself aware of the life all around you – and this Nobel Prize winner-endorsed author has some tips on how you can start doing it.

India Bans Circuses From Using Wild Animals For Exhibition

In light of continuing animal rights violations, all the elephants currently used in Indian shows will be rescued and sent to wildlife reserves.

Deadly Flames Threaten Wildlife Site But One Man Stays Behind With Hose To Keep Animals Safe

As wildfires blaze through the state of California, thousands of people have been forced to evacuate to safety, but the flames aren’t only threatening...

Giant Straw Animals Erected From Crop Leftovers at Harvest Time Are Absolutely Wicked

If you aren't already in the autumnal mood, these massive animal sculptures made from harvested rice-straw are sure to get you in the spooky spirit.

California Becomes First State to Ban Pet Shop Sales of Non-Rescued Animals

The bill has become the first statewide piece of legislation to take a direct stance against puppy mills and the sale of commercially bred animals.

Student Drives into Hurricane Path to Rescue Animals at Risk

These two pups were stranded in the path of Hurricane Harvey with very few rescue prospects – until Connor showed up. This was no ordinary...

Jackie Chan’s Adorable New Video Encourages Animals to Protect Themselves With Kung Fu

Jackie Chan has been in dozens of movies where he fought for humans around the world – but now he has stepped into a...

“Game of Thrones” Helps Rescue Farm With Uncommon Animals in Ireland

While “Game of Thrones” may be about rulers of dragons, this man takes care of much smaller animals – and he is only able...

These Scientists Have Managed to Stop the Progress of Alzheimer’s in Animals

This treatment is making headlines in South America for its groundbreaking ability to halt the development of Alzheimer’s in animals. Brazilian researchers discovered the importance...

A Genius Invention is Saving Thousands of Animals From Drowning in Backyard Pools

This revolutionary device has already saved thousands of animals from a terrible fate. Though biologist Rich Mason normally works to conserve wildlife around the vast...

How Viewing Cute Animals Can Help Rekindle Marital Spark

One of the well-known challenges of marriage is keeping the passion alive after years of partnership, as passions tend to cool even in very...

San Francisco Bans Sale of Non-Rescue Animals at Pet Stores

This is one pawesome victory for California animals without a home. In a unanimous vote passed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, city pet...