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Arkansas Woman is Hero to Thousands of Ex-Offenders Who Need Jobs

After prison, many of those who have paid their debt to society confront major hurdles in providing for themselves and their families. Darlene Lewis, whose son...
diamond found in Ark State Park

Boy Scout Finds 5.16 Carat Diamond at Arkansas State Park

A 12-year-old North Carolina boy on vacation with his family found a 5.16-carat diamond at Arkansas' Crater of Diamonds State Park, the only diamond-producing...
Woman helps kids in Arkansas NBCvideo

Update on Chelsea Clinton Arkansas Story: After NBC Show Donations Flood in

Annette Dove had no idea that an NBC Nightly News segment would cause an avalanche of donations for her Pine Bluff program that feeds...
Woman helps kids in Arkansas NBCvideo

Chelsea Clinton Files First Good News Report: Miracle Worker for Kids in Rural Arkansas

Now working for NBC, Chelsea Clinton files her first "good news" report from her home state of Arkansas about a woman in rural Pine...

Daughter’s Compassion For Classmate Prompts Mom to Buy-out Entire Store Supply of 1,500 Shoes

A compassionate mom from Arkansas is being praised for buying out the entire stock of a closing shoe store so she could donate all...

In a Town That Straddles Two Different US States, the Border Actually Brings People Together

Despite how some regional borders tend to divide their communities, this state line has actually served to bring two towns together.

The Fifth Oldest Tree In The World Was Discovered In US, But It’s Not A Sequoia

Researchers confirmed the age of a 2,624 year-old tree, making it the fifth oldest known tree in the world—and the oldest in the Eastern United States

Stranger Donates 2 Wigs to Mom With Brain Cancer – and Saved the Quality of Her Life With a Bit of Advice

Thanks to man's compassion towards a stranger, Gail Moffatt had the courage to forego radiation and chemo, and live out her days enjoying Hawaii with family.

After Saving Money for Two Years, Teen Finally Gets to Surprise His Friend With New Electric Wheelchair

This teenager has been squirreling away all of his paychecks from the last two years so he could buy his friend a new motorized wheelchair.

11-Year-old Girl Has Been Granting the Simple Wishes of Nursing Home Patients

This 11-year-old girl may not be a magical genie, but she is winning hearts for her magical mission of granting wishes to nursing home...

Good News in History, January 12

50 years ago today, Led Zeppelin's debut album was released. It was recorded in just 36 hours at Olympic Studios in Barnes, London, costing...

Good News in History, November 21

This daily column features all the good news, anniversaries and birthdays from this day in history—November 21.

Good News in History, October 14

50 years ago today, American sprinter Jim Hines became the first human to run a 100-meter race in under 10 seconds (9.95). What was...

Good News in History September 25

Happy Birthday to the fabulous Will Smith, who turns 50 today! The Philadelphia-born actor will celebrate by bungee jumping from a helicopter near the Grand...

Good News in History, September 8

50 years ago today, Arthur Ashe became the first black male to win the US Open tennis championship. In order to compete in the...

Watch the Tender Moment When Elvis Reaches Out His Hand to Sing Duet With Senior in a Walmart

This woman had never met the Presley impersonator before, but their touching moment had customers spellbound.

Single Dad Walked 11 Miles to Work Every Day—Until His Co-Workers Found Out

For the last 7 months, Trenton Lewis had been diligently waking up in the pre-dawn morning so he could make the 5.5-mile hike to...

Watch Duck Waddle Excitedly When Students Make Him a New Leg

This duck isn't a pirate, but he was still in desperate need of a “Peg Leg” before a few eighth graders helped him out.

Mosque Pays Fines For Man Who Vandalized Their Building

In October 2016, Abraham Davis was caught vandalizing a Texas mosque. Then, in a show of forgiveness, they ended up paying the fine for him.

Mom Cries When Elderly Stranger Tells Why He Gave Her Son $20

This mother never thought that she would be crying over stuffed animals from Target – but after a visit to the store earlier this...