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Subway Officer Spent 30 Minutes Calming Boy With Autism Having a Meltdown—and They’re Now Best Friends

This compassionate police officer went above and beyond the call of duty to befriend a 4-year-old boy with autism who was suffering a meltdown on the Metro.

Flight Crew and Passengers in First Class All Welcome Boy With Autism During Mid-Flight Meltdown

This Texas mom was overwhelmed with gratitude for the flight attendants and first class passengers who befriended her son during a difficult flight home.

When Boy With Autism Was Overwhelmed By First Day of School, Kind Classmate Soothed Him

When a little boy with autism was overwhelmed by his first day of school, a compassionate classmate helped turn it around.

Man Crafts Special Gift for Young Neighbor With Autism Enchanted by the American Flag

When Todd Disque spotted this pint-sized patriot admiring the American flag in his front lawn, he couldn't help but express his appreciation for the boy.

Supertramp Singer ‘Gives a Little Bit’ Inviting Teens With Autism on Stage to Perform with 39 Piece Orchestra – Watch

On World Autism Awareness Day, the legendary Supertramp singer, Roger Hodgson, invited teens with autism to performed Give A Little Bit on Stage.

Teen Praised for Going ‘Above and Beyond’ to Help Little Girl With Autism Experiencing Sensory Overload

A young shoe store employee is being praised for his patience and compassion after he helped a distraught customer and her daughter who has autism.

Youngster Who Enchanted Concert World With Awestruck ‘Wow!’ is Identified as 9-Year-old Boy With Autism

The boy is now being invited back to Boston Symphony Hall next season to meet the conductor and watch their comeback performance.

Watch the Heartwarming Results of Teen Skaters Befriending 5-Year-old Boy With Autism on His Birthday

In this heartwarming series of videos, a group of teens can be seen befriending a 5-year-old birthday boy with autism at a local skate park.

Police Officer Praised for Answering 911 Call to Save Missing Teddy Bear for Boy With Autism

When a 12-year-old boy with autism was frantic to find his missing teddy bear, this compassionate cop was more than happy to help to answer his call.

When 7-Foot-Tall ‘Gentle Giant’ With Autism Outgrows His Swing Set, Handyman Steps in for Free

No local businesses were ready to build a new swingset for 23-year-old Cobey Thomas – at least until his mother contacted a specific handyman.

Personal Trainer With Autism Opened a New Gym That Caters Specifically to People With Special Needs

Many people have trouble finding the motivation to go to a gym—and, it’s often even more difficult for people with autism. That's why Mark Fleming...

When Man With Autism Has Violent Reaction to Medication, Mom is Stunned by Officers’ Compassionate Response

When Ellen Hughes and her husband brought their autistic son to the hospital during a violent adverse behavioral reaction to his medication, they were...

Este Pueblo Entero se Transformó en Amigable con el Autismo Después de que Cada Negocio Acordara en Aplicar Cuatro Medidas Específicas

Los miembros y negocios de esta comunidad se han unido para ser el primer pueblo irlandés amigable con el autismo. Para que el pueblo de...

This Entire Town Became Autism-Friendly After Every Business Agreed to Apply Four Specific Measures

The community of Clonakilty has become the first ever town in Ireland that has been certified as autism-friendly.

Boy With Autism’s LEGO Replica of the Titanic is So Impressive, it is Now on Display at the Ship’s Museum

Even though the massive 26-foot replica took 11 months to build, the ship has given the Icelandic boy a whole new lease on life.

Sesame Street Theme Park Receives World’s First Autism Certification

While other theme parks have made themselves more autism-friendly, Sesame Place is the first park to receive full international accreditation.

Treatment For Autism to Start Trials After Successful Testing, Good For Alzheimer’s Too

The therapeutic agent, which could also be used to treat Alzheimer's, showed great success in reducing social anxiety and improving memory function.

No Rise in Autism in Past Three Years, Says Large U.S. Study

After twenty years of steady increases in the number of children being diagnosed on the autism spectrum, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control reported...

Boy With Autism Breaks Silence, Tells Santa First Christmas Wish

Michael Clyne is a 10-year-old autistic boy who never talks to strangers. So when he recently broke his silence and told Saint Nick what he...

Santa With Autism is Making Sure That No Child is Missing Out

This Santa knows what it's like to deal with sensory issues during the holidays – so he's making sure that other kids don't miss out on the fun.