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Check Out the Jaw-Dropping Landscapes of Iceland and Greenland From a Birds-Eye View

If we didn't know any better, we would assume these jaw-dropping landscape photographs were the product of Photoshop.

Children Memorialized in Nature After Hospice Translates Their Names into Birdsongs for Wild Birds to Mimic

As wild birds hear the uniquely translated songs playing from the hospice's garden, they can imitate the chirps amongst the birds in their own flock.

These Two Lovebirds Have Been Wearing Matching Outfits Every Day for 68 Years of Marriage

For 67 years, Francis Klotz has never had to worry about what to wear. That's because he and his beloved wife Rosemary, who picks out...

Population Doubles For One of New Zealand’s Rarest Birds, As 150 Chicks Hatch This Season

The adorable orange-fronted parakeet is making an impressive comeback in New Zealand—doubling its population with an epic hatch in 2019, thanks to trees.

Too Drunk to Drive, Man Saves Baby Bird’s Life By Paying Uber to Bring it to a Rescue Center

When a responsible party-goer had already had too many drinks to bring a baby bird to a rescue center, he simply called an Uber for the feathery passenger.

Watch Family’s Tearful Reunion With Their Bird ‘Cheesy’ Four Days After It Got Lost

Cheesy the cockatiel had lost a third of its body weight by the time he found a family that could reunite him with his owners 11 miles away.

Song Made Entirely of Bird Calls is Climbing the Music Charts – Watch the Enchanting Music Video

This 3-minute collection of endangered bird calls is proving to be just as popular as Taylor Swift and Lil Nas.

When Bird Rescuers Ask for Help During Nesting Season, Thousands of People Donate Hand-Knitted Nests

When bird rescuers were scrambling to take care of all their feathered patients, thousands of people came together to help.

Peep in On This Woman’s Livestream of a Nesting Bird Box She Designed to Look Like a Tiny Living Room

As a means of getting people more interested in local wildlife, this designer has been livestreaming a bird as it nests in a tiny living room box.

Need a Smile? Let This Little Bird Serenade You With ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’

If you're dreading going back to work on Monday or the gloomy weather has just got you feeling blue, things might improve if you...

Woman’s Amateur Bird Painting Becomes Viral ‘Paintception’ Sensation

Cindi Decker was so proud of her bird painting, she sent a photo of it to her son – but she had no idea that her work would inspire more people as well.

Watch Starlings Transform Into the Shape of Giant Bird During Spectacular Christmas Day Murmuration

A retired couple was walking in a nature reserve on Christmas Day when they were treated to a breathtaking sight during a murmuration of...

One Cat’s Obsession With Hunting Birds Leads to Invention That Has Saved Hundreds of Thousands

LISTEN to this story from our podcast, told by The Good News Guru (GNN Founder) on Friday’s radio broadcast with Ellen K on KOST-103.5 — Or, READ the story below… (Subscribe to...

One Cat’s Obsession With Hunting Birds Leads to Invention That Has Saved Hundreds of Thousands (Podcast)

Cats kill a staggering number of birds in the U.S. every year—estimated to be in the BILLIONS—but Nancy Brennan’s love of both animals led to a solution. Hear The Good News Guru tell her feel-good story of the week

Scientists Praise 96-Year-old for His Hobby of Saving Dwindling Bluebird Populations

Ornithologists have credited Al Larson for bolstering Idaho's bluebird population after he started building hundreds of his own wooden nests.

These Firefighters Nursed an Exhausted Hummingbird Back to Health

They stayed with the little critter until it was strong enough to stand up and fly away from their fire station.

Group of Birds Employed by French Theme Park to Pick Up Trash

In exchange for picking up little bits of rubbish, the feathery freelance custodians are well compensated with bird food and treats.

These Simple LED Lights Dramatically Reduce Fishing-Related Deaths for Sea Turtles and Birds

The study's success shows that fishermen may soon be able to continue their work while leaving wildlife and endangered species unharmed.

Rescuers Chase and Finally Save Endangered Bird Suffering With Bound Beak

A team of dedicated rescuers have finally caught up to an endangered bird that had been struggling with a plastic ring around its beak...

Man So Loved Fashionable Local Bird That He Wrote an Obituary About ‘The Goodtime Duck’

Bonnie “The Goodtime Duck” is off to waddle through the waters of heaven – so its favorite friendly bread-throwers felt moved to write the bird an obituary.