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Good News in History, July 21

120 years ago today, the novelist and journalist Ernest Hemingway was born in Oak Park, Illinois. His elegant, yet lean style of writing—which he...

Good News in History, April 8

Today is the anniversary of the Buddha’s birth—born Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, the fourth largest religion in the world. Visitors to shrines on...

Good News in History, March 12

50 years ago today, Paul McCartney married Linda Eastman, forming a union that would last 29 years until her death at age 56 from...

Buddhist Poker Player Donates All $600,000 of His Winnings to Charity

Despite how gambling is generally at odds with religion, this Buddhist poker player is making up for it by donating his winnings to charity.

Good News in History, December 29

On this day 80 years ago, a decade and a half after the Irish War of Independence and its treaty-induced interim government, Ireland was born when it adopted its own Constitution. A document committed to democratic ideals that enshrined the people as masters, it also provided the right to every child for a free primary education provided by the State. (1937)

Good News in History, December 8

Today is Bodhi Day— the Buddhist holiday commemorating the day when the Buddha first experienced enlightenment (in sanskrit, known as bodhi) while sitting under...

Good News in History, November 17

Happy Birthday to the versatile actress Rachel McAdams who turns 40 today. Ever since her breakthrough 2004-05 run of Mean Girls, The Notebook, Wedding...

In Recounting Cave Rescue, Thai Boys Say They Now Want to Be Navy Seals When They Grow Up

Devotion to their adult heroes has spurred several of the soccer players and their coach to announce their new dream of becoming Navy Seals.

You Can Now Get a Daily Dose of App-iness From the Dalai Lama on Your Phone

Anyone who has a thirst for the Dalai Lama's wisdom and guidance can now download his iPhone app that is entirely dedicated to his teachings.

Tribute: Leonard Cohen the Smoky Prince of Prose and Poetry (1934-2016)

Beloved sultry singer Leonard Cohen – after a 50 year career of music and poetry – passed away peacefully last night at the age of 82.

Dalai Lama Can’t Hold in His Giggles On Stage (WATCH)

At a kindness summit in Indianapolis, a jolly Dalai Lama and his bursts of laughter stole the spotlight.

Burned as a Boy, 11-Year-old Monk Wants to be ‘Greatest Lama’

This young Buddhist child in a nearly inaccessible country buried deep in the Himalayas is inspiring people around the world, thanks to a photographer's quest to...

World’s Most Eco-Friendly Country Hails Newborn Prince in a Perfect Way

In the tiny country of Bhutan bordering Tibet, King Khesar and Queen Jetsun announced the birth of a new baby prince on February 5th. How...

One of the Poorest Nations Now Tops US as World’s Most Charitable

Giving increased across the world in 2014 and, despite economic uncertainty, the encouraging news shows people are even more willing to donate money that...

Not Seen for 100 Years “Royal Turtles” Crawl Back from Extinction in Asia

14 years ago, conservationists were overjoyed to come across three “royal turtle” nests. The 3–5 females and their mates and offspring were believed to...
paint stripper

Buddhist Chemist Invents Non-Toxic Paint Stripper

A Buddhist chemist quietly plying his trade in B.C.’s Fraser Valley may be on the verge of curing one of ­humanity’s most poisonous ­practices...

Movie to be Made on Gautama Buddha’s Life

A historical epic is to be filmed about the life and teachings of the Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, a South Asian production...