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Kindergartners Succeed in Getting Cities to Adopt Their Official Symbol for Kindness—Next, the US Congress

There are already universal symbols for peace and love—but these youngsters are pushing for the recognition of an official symbol of kindness.

How a New Member of Congress Used Toffee to Thaw Frozen Relations Between Democrats and Republicans

Rather than internalize the animosity between Democrats and Republicans, this Hawaiian member of Congress used toffee to bridge the divide.

Library of Congress Makes Dozens of Ultra-Rare Children’s Books Available For Free Online

As a means of celebrating the centennial of Children's Book Week, the Library of Congress has digitized dozens of rare children's books online.

Congress Members From Opposing Parties Are Visiting Each Other’s Districts So They Can Work Better Together in DC

As a means of closing the political divide between Democrats and Republicans in Congress, a unique program is flying federal lawmakers to each others’...

A Wave of Women is Propelled into Congress on History-making Election Night

Yesterday’s election will ensure that the U.S. House of Representatives looks a lot more like the country it represents. A ‘pink wave’ is sending a...

The Library of Congress Now Lets You Stream and Download Hundreds of Century-old Film Footage for Free

The Library of Congress owns the largest collection of motion picture material in the world – and they are now making it available to the public.

Congress May Soon Put a Stop to Airlines Giving Passengers Less and Less Legroom

Lawmakers are preparing to put their foot down over the ever-shrinking amount of legroom allocated to airplane passengers these days.

Your Cosmetics Contain Unsafe Ingredients: Congress May Finally Take Action–Here’s What You Need to Know

Currently, cosmetic manufacturers have no legal obligation in the U.S. to report health problems from their products, many of which contain known toxic ingredients—and...

Congressman is So Happy Over City’s New Minimum Wage, He Whips Out Guitar to Celebrate

This Congressman was so excited over his city's new legislation, he couldn't help but sing a little song in celebration. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota) has...

Opposing Congressmen Become Besties When Forced on D.C. Road Trip

This Facebook Live stream feels almost like a buddy cop movie – except instead, it's about buddy Congressmen. Democratic Beto O'Rourke and Republican Will Hurd...

Library of Congress Names Tot Who Read 1,000 Books Librarian for a Day

Daliyah Arana went to the Library of Congress on Thursday as one of the tiniest and cutest librarians ever.

Congress in Unanimous Vote Passes Bill of Rights for Sexual Assault Victims

Survivors of sexual assault have not been given due process in regards to the preservation of their case evidence – but not any more thanks to Congress.

Congress Takes Quick Action to Keep Plastic Microbeads Out of U.S. Water

A bill to clean up the environment and keep toxins out of the food chain has sailed through the U.S. Congress with virtually no...

Congress Quietly Ends Federal Medical Marijuana Prohibition

Buried in the 1,600 pages of Congress’ new spending plan is a quiet little passage that radically alters the way America treats medical marijuana. The...

Long-Term Transportation Bill Passed by US Congress, First In A Decade

Last night, the U.S. Congress achieved something that has been unattainable for more than a decade. It passed a five-year transportation bill that finally...

Congress Agrees on Something: A Two-Year Budget Deal

Congress passed a budget deal in the wee hours this morning that will keep the U.S. from defaulting on its debt for the next...
US Capitol public domain

There Are 100 Women in Congress for the First Time Ever

A major milestone was reached Tuesday night: For the first time in American history, the number of women sitting in Congress will hit triple...

‘Tiny Fish’ Cajoles US Congress to Hang Portrait, Keeping 200 Year-old Promise

Sometimes Congress takes a while to keep its promises. After 231 years, Congress finally fulfilled a promise to hang a portrait in the U.S. Capitol...

Congress, White House Passes Bill to Allow Unlocking of Cell Phones

Mobile phone service just got a little easier for Americans who want to keep the phone they have, and shop around for service providers. President...
gun made of plastic-ATFphoto

Congress Extends Ban On Plastic Firearms That Can Evade Metal Detectors

The Senate on Monday passed a bill to extend a ban on guns that can't be detected by x-ray machines and metal detectors. President...