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Did You Know Your Pet Can Donate Blood to Save the Life of Another Dog or Cat in Need?

There are currently only a handful of blood donation centers for pets in America, but those donations from cats and dogs have helped save hundreds of lives.

Elefante Huérfano Regresa donde sus Rescatistas para Presentarles a su Cría Recién Nacida

A pesar de que esta mamá elefante ahora vive en la jungla, recientemente ha visitado a sus rescatadores humanos y así poder presentarles a su nueva cría.

We Can Now Help Keep Plastics Out of the Ocean Simply By Ditching the ‘Delicate’ Washing Machine Cycle

Scientists have uncovered yet another way that we can do our part to help keep oceans clean—all we have to do is ditch the “delicate” wash cycle.

This ‘Chilled Out’ Cat Was the Best Man at His Owner’s Wedding—and the Photos are Purrrfect

Aaron Benitez loves his cat so much, he recruited the feline to be his best man at his wedding—and the photos are adorable.

Myth-Busting New Study Says Cats Form Emotional Attachments to Their Owners Just Like Dogs and Babies

Cats have a reputation for being aloof and independent—but this study of the way domestic cats respond to their caregivers suggests that their socio-cognitive...

Instead of Using Birthday Money for Disney World Vacation, 6-Year-old Uses It to Feed Hurricane Evacuees

Rather than using his birthday vacation money to go to Disney World, this little boy chose to feed Hurricane Dorian evacuees instead. Jermaine Bell will...

Watch Rollercoaster Passenger Use His Astonishing Catlike Reflexes to Catch a Stranger’s iPhone in Mid-Air

This man managed to catch an iPhone X as it was flying through the air on what was once Europe's fastest and tallest roller coaster.

9-Year-old Double Amputee to Make History on ‘New York Fashion Week’ Catwalk

This 9-year-old Daisy-May is about to make history as the first ever double amputee child to walk the prestigious New York Fashion Week.

School Superintendent is Using His First Ever $10,000 Bonus to Pay For Students’ College Applications

Instead of pocketing a $10,000 employee bonus, this compassionate school superintendent is using it to invest in the future of his students.

Después de 12 Horas, El Equipo de Búsqueda y Rescate Encuentra al Niño Atrapado Tras Seguir Su Risa

Cuando este pequeño niño canadiense quedó atrapado en un agujero profundo, finalmente fue rescatado después de que el equipo escuchase el sonido de su...

Caring Cats and Frisky Felines: 10 Stories to Make You Purr With Joy on International Cat Day

In honor of International Cat Day, here are some silly feline stunts and some heartwarming furry hero stories for this purrrrfect holiday.

Hombre Vestido de Batman Ha Rescatado a Docenas de Mascotas Refugiadas de la Eutanasia

No todos los héroes usan capas, pero este hombre ha salvado a una docena de perros y gatos de la eutanasia, y lo ha...

New Study Shows That Spending Just Ten Minutes With Cats or Dogs Can ‘Significantly’ Reduce Stress

This is the first time that researchers examined these stress-relief symptoms for students in a college setting rather than in a laboratory.

Turkey Will Declare a Holiday Dedicated to Planting Trees After Young Man’s Tweet Goes Viral

A Turkish man with only 212 Twitter posts, recently started a tweet with, “I have an idea”—and it went viral, prompting the president to act on his advice.

Need a Smile? Watch Dog’s Gobsmacked Reaction to Cat Companion Swatting Her on the Head

Navi the dog and Fireball the cat are buddies – but when the feline got sick of Navi’s antics, he delivered a swat that elicited the perfect look of shock.

Indian School Educates Students Who Pay Tuition With Plastic Waste Instead of Money (GNN Podcast)

Rather than requiring families to pay for kids’ education, this clever little school asked students to collect plastic waste from around their communities.

Watch 17-Year-old Hero Catch a Falling Toddler Who Fell Out of a Second-Story Window

This Algerian teenager was in the right place at the right time when he managed to catch a toddler who fell out of a second-story window earlier this week.

Read the Adorable Job Application That a 7-Year-old Boy Sent to His Local Police Department

This youngster's job application to his local police department may be the most effective cover letter ever received by the force.

Frantic Trucker Miraculously Reunited With Cat Co-pilot After Posting Photo to Obscure Online Forum (GNN Podcast)

This 23-year-old trucker was sick with worry when his beloved cat co-pilot went missing – but incredibly, an obscure online forum helped to reunite...

School Gives Students Credit for Physical Education Class When They Do Yard Work for Seniors and the Disabled

Not only has the yard work been beneficial to the homeowners who can't mow their own lawns – it has also had a tremendous impact on the students as well.