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Girl’s Postcard to a Veteran Boasts the Simple Wisdom of Children

When a certain work assignment brought me to Nebraska for two weeks, this Canadian was given a wonderful opportunity to become immersed not only...

University Becomes First to Offer Free Tuition to Children and Spouses of Fallen Service Members

Starting in the fall, this school will become the first in the country to accept the military scholarship for fallen service family members as payment-in-full.

Facial Recognition System Helps Trace 3,000 Missing Children in 4 Days

Children's rights organizations are hoping that the technology will track down even more missing kids in the future.

‘Angel’ Dad is the Only Foster Parent Willing to Take in Terminally-ill Children (Podcast)

Mohamed may seem like an average family man, but he is a hero in L.A.—where he is the only father willing to be a foster dad to terminally-ill children. Hear the Good News Guru story.

‘Angel’ Dad is the Only Foster Parent Willing to Take in Terminally-ill Children

LISTEN to this Good News Guru story from the radio broadcast with Ellen K. and Geri on KOST-103.5 (Subscribe to our new podcast on iTunes – or for Androids, on Podbean) — or Read...

Police Officers Stand In For Children’s Parents Who Couldn’t Make it to School Dance

While school dances may be fun ways for children to bond with their parents, some moms and dads just can't join in because of...

Disney Has Launched $100M Initiative to Make Children’s Hospitals Around the World Less Scary For Kids

As a means of making hospitals less traumatic for young patients, the Walt Disney Company is revolutionizing the medical experience in hospitals worldwide.

After 65 Grandchildren, One is Finally Given Name of Great-Great-Grandpa Who Reacts With Pure Joy

Esmond Allcock is responsible for 71 different descendants, but none of them have ever been named after him – until now. Allcock just turned 108...

African Children Hear a Fiddle for the First Time and Their Reaction is Priceless

These children could not contain their excitement over hearing the sound of a fiddle for the very first time in their lives.

In World First, Children Given New Ears Grown From Their Own Cells

Microtia is a condition in which a child is born with a malformed ear that causes hearing problems – but now, scientists can just grow them a new one.

Man Carves 5-Mile Road Through Hills For Children Struggling to Get to School

The 45-year-old vegetable seller was heartbroken to see his sons stumbling down a rocky trail every day – so he grabbed a chisel and pickax and got to work.

‘Be Brave Ranch’ Cuts PTSD of Abused Children in Half

Thanks to an influx of community support, the Little Warriors ‘Be Brave Ranch’ in Canada can continue helping children rebuild their lives, and heal...

Anonymous Donor Buys Every Toy at Goodwill, Gives Them to Children For Free

For the last decade, one man has made it his tradition to buy out the entire toy section of a Goodwill store so kids can take home the goodies for free.

5 Fun Ways to Get Children Interested in the Topic of History

There are very few subjects as fascinating as human history. That’s why I find it disappointing if children don't take an interest in this most...

Parents Now Spend Twice as Much Time With Their Children as 50 Years Ago

  There are countless studies that link positive parental relationships to healthily adjusted children. Thankfully, more and more parents are spending time with their children. A...

From Terrifying to Terrific: Man Redesigns MRI Machine to Delight Children Instead of Scare Them

Hospitals can be scary places for children to endure even without leaving the hallways – those MRI scanners, however, could make it into a...

Tesla Restores Power to Puerto Rican Children’s Hospital– And That’s Not All

Saying that you CAN do something is not the same as ACTUALLY doing something. Alternative energy company Tesla knows the difference—and they’re actively making...

Child Labor Rates Cut By Almost Half, Millions More Children Get a Childhood

Yet another positive trend has emerged from around the world: since child labor rates have plummeted by almost half since the turn of the...

Watch Entire Football Stadium Wave to Sick Kids in Children’s Hospital Next Door

These sick children were delighted to receive a new kind of “wave” during the Hawkeyes' game against the Cowboys last week.

Pit Bulls Save Children From Venomous Snake Lurking in Their Yard

While pit bulls might sometimes get a bad rap, these two pups are being hailed as heroes after they rescued a youngster from a...