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Despite Being Homeless, High School Valedictorian Graduates With Over $3 Million in College Scholarships

This 17-year-old high school student managed to graduate with over $3 million in college scholarships – and he did it all while dealing with homelessness.

Watch Billionaire Tell College Grads He Will Pay Off All $40 Million of Their Collective Student Loan Debt

When this billionare investor was finishing up his commencement speech for Morehouse College's graduating seniors, he unveiled an astonishing surprise gift.

When Mom Skipped Her Commencement to Attend Her Son’s, College Surprised Her With Degree (WATCH)

After a devoted mother opted to attend her son's commencement ceremony over her own, the college administrators decided to put together a little surprise.

When College Students Find $40,000 Hidden Inside Used Couch, They End Up Getting A+ for Honesty (#TBT)

When these three college students accidentally found a treasure trove of cash hidden inside their secondhand couch, they knew what they had to do.

Humble College Professor is Putting All of His Nobel Prize Money Towards His Students’ Education

Rather than keeping the Nobel prize money for himself, this humble biology professor is using it all to help his students pursue an education in the arts.

This Library Gives Away Hundreds of Free Prom Dresses to High Schoolers Saving Their Money for College

This public library has given away thousands of free dresses to high school students who would rather save money for college than buy an expensive dress.

When College Senior Couldn’t Find Someone to Watch His Baby Daughter, Professor Lends a Hand

This 34-year-old college professor did not hesitate to take on babysitting duties for one of his students despite being in the middle of teaching a lecture.

Seniors Conquer Loneliness and Chores With App That Hires ‘Grandkids On-Demand’ at College

Seniors no longer have to suffer through the loneliness of their golden years thanks to an app that pairs them with “grandkids on-demand”.

In Largest Ever Donation to US College, $1.8 Billion is Donated for Low-Income Students

The financial contribution will ensure that – starting in 2019 – Johns Hopkins will “permanently” be a loan-free institution.

Janitor Had ‘Given Up’ Writing Until College Where She Cleans Gives Her Prestigious Literary Award

Caitriona Lally had been having a horrible Monday morning when she got a call saying that she had won the 2018 Rooney Prize for Literature.

College Student and Minister Answer Each Other’s Prayers With a Note on a Balloon

A minister was losing faith and didn't want to go to church any more, until a balloon’s plea for help floated into his lap.

How a College Student and Minister Answered Each Other’s Prayers With a Note Attached to a Balloon (Podcast)

A minister was losing faith and didn't want to go to church any more, until a balloon’s plea for help floated into his lap. The Good News Guru tells the story.

Banker Picks Up College Tuition for School’s Entire Graduating Class… Again

The self-made success hopes to share his good fortune with youngsters who may not be enjoying as much financial or educational security.

Listen to College Grad’s Singing Resume That Landed Her Job and Fame

Page Kemna was sick of sending her resume to companies without seeing any results – so she decided to adopt a more creative approach to job applications.

Bill Gates is Giving Away His Favorite Book on Positivity to College Grads For Free

Bill Gates values optimism just as much as we do – which is why he's giving away this book to American college grads for free.

Walmart is Offering Workers and Their Family Members the Chance to Get College Degrees Debt-Free

Even though Walmart still has a long way to go before it's considered an ideal place to work, it's certainly a step in the right direction.

DNA Test Finds Long-Lost Brother at His Own College – And They’re Blown Away by Another Discovery

An incredible story about how a DNA test resulted in not only meeting a long-lost brother attending the same college, but learning they have royalty in their blood.

With DNA Test He Finds Long-Lost Brother at His Own College – And They’re Blown Away by Another Discovery (Podcast)

Hear the Good News Guru story about a DNA test kit resulting in not only meeting a long-lost brother at the same college, but finding they have an amazing bloodline.

Woman Invites Officer Who Arrested Her to Her College Graduation

It has been five years since Tiffany Hall and Lieutenant Jim Foster first met – but the Long Beach woman has changed a lot in that time, and she credits her transformation to the police officer's kindness.

Howard Grad Helps Unknowing Students Secure $35 Million in Funding, Reducing Their College Debt

Since its inception in 2006, Jessica Johnson’s nonprofit has helped students secure more than $35 million in private funding sources, reducing their debt by $14,000 each.