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World’s First Community of 3D Printed Homes is Set to House Mexico’s Poorest Families

Thanks to a specially designed 3D printer for building houses in rural locations, these cozy homes required less than 24 hours of printing time.

After Adaptive Bike for Teen With Special Needs is Stolen, Watch the Community Step In To Help

After a special needs teen had his adaptive bike stolen from his backyard in Mesa, AZ, the community turned a “bitter” experience into a heartwarming one.

Kroger Donates $500,000 Facility to Rival Grocery Store So Community Won’t Be Left Without a Supermarket

Rather than leaving this Memphis community in a food desert, Kroger is donating their closed $500,000 facility to another grocery store chain.

When Farmer Saw His Community Needed a New Road, He Picked Up His Tools and Built One Himself

When this 44-year-old farmer saw his neighbors struggling to maneuver through their village, he took it upon himself to build a whole new road.

Since Community College Started Printing Their Own Textbooks, Students Have Saved Over $2.5 Million

When a team of educators in Oregon became sick and tired of their students being charged heaps of cash for college textbooks, they began...

How Nasty Note From a Neighbor Inspired a Community to Show the Best in Humanity

Randa Ragland had been going through a rough time when she received a rude note from an anonymous neighbor—but it sparked an outpouring of kindness.

Increasing Tree Cover on City Streets May Be Like Community ‘Superfood’ —Improving Health by 33%

This intriguing new study shows that communities with improved tree coverage were mentally healthier—but the same benefits did not apply to grassy spaces.

NYC Man Uses Haiku to Battle Street Honking—His ‘Honku’ Poems Rallied a Community (MOTH Monday)

In our latest episode of Moth Monday, a creative Brooklyn man uses haiku poetry to battle street honking—and his Honku poems brought together his community.

After $9 Was Stolen From Girl’s Lemonade Stand, Community Gives Her $350 to Pay It Forward

After a group of youngsters stole $9 from a little girl running a lemonade stand, dozens of neighbors rallied behind her charitable mission.

When Evicted Man is Heartbroken Over Decision to Surrender His Dog, Community Leaps into Action

A homeless man will soon be reunited with his beloved best friend with a new roof over their head thanks to a woman publishing an online plea for help.

When Man Was Trying to Sell His Car to Save His Dog, Community Came to His Rescue

This desperate local R&B singer was ready to sell his car in order to help his sick dog, so the community rallied to help. Last...

When 18-Year-old Muslim Student Had Nowhere to Pray, Community Opened Their Doors

After this 18-year-old Muslim moved to California, she found that she didn't have many places to pray – so local businesses opened their doors instead.

After Cheerful Young Walmart Cashier Pays for Stranger’s $110 Grocery Bill, Community Repays Him Ten-Fold

When this 19-year-old Walmart cashier happily picked up the tab for a struggling customer, his community decided they wanted to thank him for his kindness.

Community of Tiny Homes Breaks Cycle of Addiction and Homelessness for Single Moms

Homeless single moms are breaking the cycle of addiction and reuniting with their children thanks to a community of tiny homes and the services...

When Town Superman Needs Help, Community Rallies Behind Him to Raise Thousands

This man has acted as his town's own personal Superman for over 25 years – so when he was the one who needed rescuing, they did not hesitate to help.

Artists Invite Refugees to Transform Their Prison Shelter into Bright Community of Color

Is it possible to transform a prison, using only paint, into a welcoming space? A creative team in Amsterdam proved it can be done...

Man is Working to Convert Cruise Ship into Supportive Housing Community for the Homeless

Though the concept has been proposed before, Kenneth Capron is taking the idea one step further after his presentation before the city council.

Deliveryman is So Kind, Community Gets Batmobile to Throw Him a Parade and Buys Him $54,000 Gift

Every day for the last 20 years, Todd Kirnan has worked for hours to make sure that the people and businesses of Gresham are happy.

Every Night for the Last 10 Years, Community Has Made Sure That Woman in Wheelchair Gets to Bed

For over a decade, dozens of able-bodied men have volunteered to help care for their neighbor with multiple sclerosis.

Community is Overjoyed to Pitch in and Care For New Local Celebrity: The Island’s Only Duck

Niue has plenty of tourist traffic to their little island – but they have never been visited by a duck before.