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Exciting New Study Says That Crops Thrive Underneath Solar Panels—and the Panels Produce More Energy

Not only does the new agricultural system help fruit and vegetables to thrive in arid regions, it could also improve the health of farmers.

Chili Just Became the First-Ever Dog Certified to Save Our Crops From Pests

One of the largest bell pepper producers of North America almost went out of business last year after it came under fire from a...

NFL Star Ditched $Million Contract to Farm Crops For The Needy

Even though he was walking away from fame and fortune, he knew he had a new passion to work towards – farming food for the hungry.

Crops Grown on Barge Lets Folks in NYC Pick Free Food From Docks

If people can’t get to a neighborhood garden, this group promises to bring the garden to them. A project called Swale has built an “edible forrest”...

Drones Drop Beneficial Bugs on Crops as a Natural Pest Control

An Australian “bug drone” utilizes remote control technology as it buzzes over pest-infested crops, dropping insects like little paratroopers. Michael Godfrey came up with the...
Montana ranch and mountains

Timely Rains Save Crops, Livestock in Montana

Just two months ago, Brett Nedens wasn’t sure this day would come, or whether he’d want to witnesses it if it did. Harvest time....

USDA Says More Review Needed for New Monsanto, Dow GMO Crops

The Department of Agriculture said Friday it will extend its scrutiny of controversial proposed biotech crops developed by Dow Chemical and Monsanto after receiving...

US Farmers May Stop Planting Genetically Modified Crops After Poor Yields

Some US farmers are considering returning to conventional seed after increased pest resistance and crop failures meant genetically modified (GM) crops saw smaller yields...

Company Harvests Tons of Crops, Saving it from Waste to Give it Away

After hearing the shocking figure that up to 40 percent of produce goes to waste in the fields, Christy Porter founded an ingenious organization...

Supreme Court Favors Consumers in First-Ever Case on Genetically-Engineered Crops

The United States Supreme Court announced its decision Monday in Monsanto v. Geerston Farms, the first genetically modified crop case ever brought before the...

New Technology Uses Wastewater to Irrigate Crops

A British company has created an irrigation system that can grow crops using almost any water, whether pure, brackish, salted or polluted. The...

Plant Tweak Could Let Toxic Soil Feed Millions with New Crops

Thanks to a genetic breakthrough, a large portion of Earth's now-inhospitable soil could be used to grow crops -- potentially alleviating one of the...
African women drying cassava in DRC

Tiny Mite Saves African Crops

Crop yields of Cassava, the main staple in the diets of 200 million Africans have rebounded since the introduction of a mite from across...

In Helping His Dad With Diabetes, Young Mexican Chemist Pioneers Healthy—and Cheap—Sugar Substitute

When 18-year old Javier Larragoiti was told his father had been diagnosed with diabetes, the young man, who had just started studying chemical engineering...

Drought-Proof ‘Cooling Houses’ Use Saltwater and Cardboard to Grow Tons of Healthy Produce in the Desert

Just ten square miles of these plantations could produce enough crops and vegetables to feed a country of four million people.

Emocionante Nuevo Estudio Dice Que los Cultivos son Prosperos bajo Paneles Solares y los Paneles Producen Más Energía

No sólo el nuevo sistema de agricultura ayuda a las frutas y vegetales a crecer en regiones áridas, también mejora la salud de los agricultores.

First Fully Rechargeable Carbon Dioxide Battery is Seven Times More Efficient Than Lithium Ion

Researchers were able to successfully recharge the battery more than 500 times—and it is seven times more efficient than lithium ion counterparts.

School Turns Resource-Greedy Lawn into ‘Giving Garden’ That Provides Produce to Feed the Poor

All of the produce that is grown at the Orcas Island “Giving Garden” is either used in the school cafeteria or donated to the local food bank.

Hundreds of Volunteers Have Prevented Violence By Helping 350,000 People in Sudan and Congo Make Personal Peace

In celebration of September 21 being the International Day of Peace, this organization is highlighting an astonishing 12-year legacy of helping hundreds of thousands...

Engineers Have Just Finished Drilling the First Geothermal Well in the UK to Use Renewable Energy

Measuring in at 3.1 miles deep, this geothermal energy well is now the deepest and hottest well in the world.