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When Young Waffle House Worker Was Left Alone to Run Entire Restaurant, Empathetic Customers Jump In to Help

Due to a miscommunication, a frantic Waffle House employee was left to run entire restaurant—but several customers suddenly jumped up to help.

UN Honors Chinese Company for Planting 122Mil Trees to Reward Customers for Their Eco-Friendly Habits

Since the Ant Forest program launched in 2016, it has helped to plant more than 122 million trees in the most arid parts of China.

Comcast Representative Saves Man From a Stroke Moments After He Dialed the Customer Service Line

This 65-year-old man may not have survived a recent stroke if it had not been for a Comcast representative who he had called only moments before.

When Son Posts Photo of Sad Dad in His Empty New Donut Shop, the Tweet Attracts Hundreds of Customers

Billy By could not bear to see his dad standing behind the counter of an empty store, so he took to social media in hopes of drumming up some business.

When Grocery Store Accidentally Leaves Doors Unlocked, Honest Customer Leaves $5 for Tomatoes

These honest customers are being hailed as prime examples of Canadian kindness after a supermarket inadvertently left their doors unlocked.

Taco Bell Cashier Has Written Hundreds of Kind Messages on Customer Receipts to Brighten Their Days

This 27-year-old Taco Bell employee is receiving an outpouring of praise in recognition for her small labor of love.

Anonymous Man Calling Himself Santa Picked Up the Tab for Dozens of Walmart Customers

Kris Kringle was working his magic for some unsuspecting Walmart customers in Vermont last week. An anonymous man who was photographed wearing a New England...

Customers Line Up On Black Friday to Buy Gifts for Refugees From Special Pop-Up Store

Instead of spending their money on electrics or new clothes, these customers are waiting to buy resources and gifts for refugees.

Customers Keep Buying Up All of Donut Shop’s Pastries So He Can Go Home Early to Be With Ailing Wife

The only thing sweeter than the donuts at Donut City is the community’s love for the restaurant owners. Almost every day for the last 28...

IKEA is Testing Buyback Program to Keep Customers’ Furniture From Ending Up in Landfills

The take-back program isn't just a great way to save good furniture from ending up in landfills – it's also an ingenious business strategy.

People Are Praising Young Man After He Was Spotted Running After Customer’s Car With Their Order

After hurrying over to the customer's car, the 19-year-old says that he did indeed tell them that “it was his pleasure.”

Watch Butcher Politely Show Meat Samples to Feline Customer Before Giving it a Free Sample

Even though his customer was a bit shorter than his average visitor, this butcher was unfazed by the furry visitor. In fact, he seemed delighted to share his knowledge of deli cuts with an interested customer.

Waiter Fights Back Tears When Repeat Customer Calls Him Outside to Hand Over Keys to a Car

When Pollard spotted his favorite server walking to and from the bus stop, he wanted to give him more than just a generous tip.

Bank Wants to Help Customers Affected by Hurricane, Waives 3 Big Fees in Florida

Hurricane Irma has impacted almost everyone in Florida, transplanting many from their homes and disrupting their lives. Something as simple as not having a...

Gas Station Attendant is Giddy When Surprised With New Bike From Regular Customer

Johnnie Phillips used to suffer through the 2-hour walk to and from work every day – but not anymore, thanks to a compassionate customer. Johnnie...

Random Customer Sends Popeyes Worker to Nursing School (WATCH)

Donald Carter spent only about forty seconds talking to Shajuana Mays at a Popeyes drive-thru window when he decided that he wanted to help her...

Starbucks Worker Receives Apology Note, Tip From Sassy Customer

Baristas are pretty accustomed to getting an earful from annoyed customers, but it's a rare occurrence when they receive an apology card for it. However,...

Customer Admires Chick-fil-A Employee So Much, He Built Him a New Home

Bryan Smith so admired Shakeel's sunny disposition despite illness, that he gave him the ultimate gift: a new home for his family.

Instead of Sending Holiday Cards to Customers, Business Buys Renewable Energy for Kenyans

This company divested the funds that they would usually be spending on holiday cards to make a difference in the world instead. Qmarkets, a global provider of...

Supermarket Introduces “Relaxed Lane” for Special Needs Customers

One of the Tesco supermarket branches in Scotland has just launched a “relaxed lane” for vulnerable customers who would prefer to take their time...