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When College Senior Couldn’t Find Someone to Watch His Baby Daughter, Professor Lends a Hand

This 34-year-old college professor did not hesitate to take on babysitting duties for one of his students despite being in the middle of teaching a lecture.

Mother and Daughter Are Saved From Teetering Car Thanks to a Teen’s Snapchat App

A mother-daughter dup were rescued from their precariously perched car thanks to a family friend's photo-sharing cell phone app.

When Parents Accidentally Lock Keys in Their Car With Infant Daughter, Group of Inmates Offer Their Skills

These non-violent offenders were not breaking into an SUV to steal anything; they were simply trying to help a distressed couple unlock their car door.

Father Thanks Stranger for Entertaining His Daughter in the Airport: ‘This is the world I want for her’

These sweet new BBFs are a perfect example of how friendship can go beyond race, age, and politics.

Strangers Offer Flood of Support for White Mom Who’s ‘Clueless’ About Styling Black Daughter’s Hair

When a self-admitted “clueless white momma” asked social media for help styling her adopted daughter's hair, she was stunned by the response.

Mom Determined to Show Daughter the Importance of Education Crosses the Stage for Diploma While in Active Labor

Despite having to endure the pain of contractions, this 31-year-old mother was determined to walk across the stage to receive her diploma.

Mom Brought to Tears When Airline Stranger Gives Up First Class Seat for Her Sick Daughter

This 46-year-old man's gesture of “real, pure goodness” is inspiring hundreds of thousands of people across social media.

Tears Flow as 88-Year-old Finally Meets Biological Daughter She Thought Died At Birth

This emotional reunion at a nursing facility in Florida has been 69 years in the making.

Holiday Special: Buy 2, Get 1 Free – ‘Within Good’ Bracelets From Muhammad Ali’s Daughter and GNN Co-Owner

We previously announced that GNN co-owner Anthony Samadani had launched the website for a cool product he introduced this year—the Within Good bracelet, a...

Traveling Baby Daughter is About to Own a World Record at 5 Months Old – and the Pictures Are Adorable

Harper Yeats may only be 5 months old, but her social media page (managed by her parents, of course) is evidence of her epic lifestyle.

Uber Driver Stumbles Into Gift of New Hands For His 11-Year-old Daughter After Picking Up Engineering Student (Podcast)

A stunningly serendipitous Uber meeting resulted in a college student giving a big hand to a little girl who needed it most. Hear The Good News Guru tell the surprising story (from the October 5, 2018 Ellen K. Morning Show on KOST-103.5 radio in Los Angeles).

Uber Driver Stumbles Into Gift of New Hands For His 11-Year-old Daughter After Picking Up Engineering Student

LISTEN to this story in our podcast, told by The Good News Guru (the GNN Founder) on Friday’s radio broadcast with Ellen K on KOST-103.5 — Or, READ the story below… (Subscribe...

Daughter is Overwhelmed by Internet’s Response to Her Request for Grieving Father’s Birthday

When a woman asked for help from the internet, she was shocked by how thousands of social media users rose to the challenge.

Father-Daughter Duo Donates $44 Million Ranch for University Veterinary Students

The “unprecedented” gift will ensure that students will have an invaluable resource for learning about animal medicine and sustainable farming.

Watch Ailing Senior’s Emotional Reaction to Daughter and Granddaughter Singing in His Bed

This video is a prime example of how music is one of the most beautiful ways to bring a family together.

Forgiving the Unforgivable: Mom Worked With Daughter’s Killers to Bring Hope to a Desperate Community

One of the most remarkable stories of forgiveness had its sad beginning 25 years ago this month, so we reached out to the California...

Parents Have Perfect Solution to Daughter Sneakily Ordering $350 Worth of Barbies From Amazon

This mischievous 6-year-old learned a valuable lesson from her online heist earlier this month.

Need a Laugh? Watch Sassy Daughter Scold Her Father for Not Putting the Toilet Seat Down

Kids say the darndest things, but this no-nonsense youngster is speaking up for all the folks who’ve accidentally flopped on a toilet when the...

Man Pulls Off Cheeky Dad Joke After Telling His Daughter He Learned a New Magic Trick

There is nothing more amusing than a good dad joke – and this punch line delivered by David Cromwell definitely takes the cake.

Internet Falls in Love With Wholesome Dad Who Hides $20 Whenever He Visits Daughter’s Home

This faithful father is a total pro at pulling off cute, goofy dad shenanigans as a means of showing affection to his grown-up daughter.