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Years After Accidental Holiday Text, Man Still Gets Together With the Grandma Who Invited Him to Thanksgiving Dinner

It has been several years since Jamal Hinton was invited to a woman's Thanksgiving dinner—and they have been fast friends ever since.

MIT Scientists Accidentally Discover ‘Blackest Black’ Material Ever, Inspired by Artist Who Uses it to Amaze Audiences

The researchers had been trying to develop carbon nanotubes with pantry ingredients—and when they used salt, they were startled by its resulting color—or lack of color.

Despídete de los Rellenos Dentales Temporales: Los Científicos Usan un Gel Para Regenerar el Esmalte Dental

La perdida de de rellenos dentales podría pronto ser una cosa del pasado, ahora que científicos chinos han descubierto como reproducir el esmalte dental que se reparará así mismo.

Watch the Sweet Moment a Woman Rings Hospital ‘Cancer-Free Bell’ – and Accidentally Breaks it With Excitement

This woman's joyful reaction to finally being able to ring her hospital's “cancer-free bell” earlier this month is winning hearts across social media.

Be Sure and Floss! Researchers Say Good Dental Health ‘Substantially’ Decreases Risk of Alzheimer’s

For the first time ever, researchers have found DNA evidence of gingivitis enzymes being directly correlated to the development of Alzheimer's.

Restaurant Offers Sweet Note of Forgiveness to Manager Who Accidentally Served $6,000 Bottle of Wine

Rather than serving the $300 bottle of wine that the customers ordered, a staffer accidentally cracked open a rare French wine worth almost $6,000.

After Grandma Accidentally Dialed Wrong Number, She Sparked Unlikely Friendship When Woman Needed It Most

An unlikely friendship has blossomed out of a series of accidental phone calls from Grandma Margaret trying to contact her grandson.

5-Year-old Girl is Now Cancer-Free Thanks to a Routine Dental Checkup 18 Months Ago

If Hunter Rose had not gotten the early treatment that she needed for her stage four neuroblastoma, she may not have survived the aggressive cancer.

When Grocery Store Accidentally Leaves Doors Unlocked, Honest Customer Leaves $5 for Tomatoes

These honest customers are being hailed as prime examples of Canadian kindness after a supermarket inadvertently left their doors unlocked.

When Parents Accidentally Lock Keys in Their Car With Infant Daughter, Group of Inmates Offer Their Skills

These non-violent offenders were not breaking into an SUV to steal anything; they were simply trying to help a distressed couple unlock their car door.

Listen to Woman’s Incredible Story of How an Accidental Phone Call Pulled Her Out of Drug Addiction

Auburn Sandstrom was in dire straits when she made a phone call to an unlikely person who would change her life.

Family Accidentally Transforms Weed Growing From the Sidewalk into a Beloved Charlie Brown Tree

What started as a small act of spreading Christmas tree turned into an outpouring of community love, compassion, and camaraderie.

Hombre Pospone su Jubilación para Salvar los Arrecifes de Coral Después de Descubrir Accidentalmente Cómo Hacer que Crezcan 40 Veces Más Rápido

El feliz accidente de un hombre ha traído nuevas esperanzas para la recuperación de los arrecifes al rededor del mundo. El Dr. David Vaughan tropezó...

Man Postpones Retirement to Save Reefs After He Accidentally Discovers How to Make Coral Grow 40 Times Faster

One man's happy accident has brought new hope to the recovery of coral reefs around the world. Dr. David Vaughan stumbled upon the groundbreaking discovery...

US Embassy Apologizes for Accidental Mass-Mailing of Invitation for ‘Cat Pajama-Jam Party’

Everybody makes mistakes—even international ambassadors, judging by the contents of an amusing email that was sent out by the US Embassy in Australia last...

When Student Accepts Stranger’s Accidental Invitation to a Funeral, She Becomes ‘Brightest’ Part of the Day

This week, Leena Ali and Dawn Burke were total strangers – but an accidental text message ended up bringing them together at a woman's...

Sea Urchins Save Coral Reefs Where Man Accidentally Almost Strangled Them

These spiky little lifesavers have rescued coral reefs from being smothered by an experiment gone wrong.

When Tourist Accidentally Pays 100 Times His Taxi Fare, Driver Tracks Him Down to Return It

The Chinese-American tourist had accidentally paid 6,500 yuan for a 65 yuan fare – which is 100 times more than the real price.

Woman Accidentally Buys the Same Book She Sold 5 Years Ago and Finds Mother’s Last Words

It’s been five years since Sarah-Raspberry's mother committed suicide while in jail—and, while the young woman has mostly healed from the tragedy, she finally...

Do You Know a Vet Who Needs a New Smile? Offices are Holding Free Dental Day For Veterans

If you, or a veteran you know, needs some dental work, now is the chance to sign up to restore a shining smile commensurate...