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Foot Doctor Saves Passenger’s Life by Following His Instincts and Ignoring Orders From the Ground

A humble foot doctor is being praised for saving the life of an unresponsive airline passenger—and he did it by ignoring an order from the airline.

In World First, Doctors Have Been Prescribing Museum Visits to Patients—With Vouchers for Free Entry

The art therapy initiative, which is said to be the first of its kind, has already resulted in a Montreal museum happily filling over 185 prescribed visits.

After Years of Hiking All Over Nepal, This Eye Doctor Has Restored Vision to Over 130,000 People

This ophthalmologist has personally hiked all over Nepal in order to restore vision to the blind with a simple, minutes-long surgery.

Doctor Uses Table Salt to Bring Down Cost of Artificial Skin Grafts From $900 to $5 Per Square Inch

This ingenious new method of cultivating artificial skin could offer new hope for burn victims and acid attack survivors around the world.

After Doctor Performed Open Chest Surgery on Roadside, Biker Survives Crash to Walk Daughter Down the Aisle

If this quick-thinking heart surgeon had not been on the scene of John O'Brien's motorcycle collision, then the biker would not have survived the crash.

Google Creates New AI That Can Outperform Doctors in Diagnosing Most Commonly Lethal Form of Cancer

This new deep learning system was able to outperform doctors in diagnosing one of the most commonly fatal forms of cancer in the US.

First Smartphone App to Detect Ear Infections in Children Could Save Unnecessary Doctor’s Visits

Rather than waste time and money on unnecessary visits to the doctor, this app could give parents an easy way to diagnose an ear infection.

In Groundbreaking First, Doctors Say They Have Cured Several Infants of ‘Bubble Boy’ Disease

Scientists have developed a groundbreaking new gene therapy treatment for infants born with the life-threatening “bubble boy” disease.

Doctores Musulmanes Usan una Mesquita en Ohio para Abrir la Primera Clínica Gratis de la Región- Y está Abierta para Todos

En vez de dejar que el polvo se acumule en los aparadores de su bodega, esta mesquita en el norte de Ohio ha convertido...

Listen to Dad’s Delight When Daughter Defies Doctors and Suddenly Takes Her First Steps

Doctors had warned that Lawree may never be able to walk – so imagine her father's excitement when she took several tentative steps last month.

Muslim Doctors Use Ohio Mosque to Open First Free Clinic in the Region – and It’s Open to Everyone

This free clinic may be run by Muslim doctors, but they are opening their doors to uninsured patients from all religions and walks of life.

FDA Approves First Depression Treatment in Decades: A Nasal Spray Doctors Can Administer for Quick Relief

Though the treatment has received its fair share of wariness, it could provide immediate relief for patients experience treatment-resistant depression.

La Doctora que Descubrió una Manera Natural y Gratuita para Tratar el Vértigo, Escribió un Libro Acerca de Cómo los que lo Sufren pueden Sobrellevar su Enfermedad

La Dra. Carol Foster se volvió popular en el 2013 por descubrir una forma simple, no farmaceútica para lidiar con el vértigo común en tan sólo 3...

Doctor Who Discovered Natural Way to Treat Vertigo for Free Writes Book On How Sufferers Can Thrive

In addition to discovering a groundbreaking way of treating common vertigo in 2013, Dr. Carol Foster now has a how-to guide on dealing with the condition.

Doctors Can Now Prescribe Social Activities for Lonely Seniors – and Mailmen Will Help Out Too

The initiative will hopefully tackle the harmful effects of social isolation amongst lonely seniors.

Researchers Tried to Curb Opioid Abuse By Sending Letters to the Doctors – and It Made a Difference

These researchers are trying to find practical ways to curb opioid abuse in America – and they recently found success through letters.

When Hospitals Can’t Afford Equipment, Doctor Uses Discarded Shampoo Bottles to Cut Mortality by 75 Percent

This man's ingenious device only costs about $1.25 to make out of discarded shampoo bottles, but it has already saved hundreds of lives.

When Doctors Predicted These Coma Patients Would Not Wake Up, AI Disagreed. Then All 7 Patients Woke Up.

The AI model directly contradicted the diagnoses that were given by physicians – and it turned out to be right.

Study Shows Patients Will Recover More Quickly When the Doctor Uses Different Words

This new study shows just how helpful an encouraging doctor can be for your recovery and health.

City Hires Team of Doctors to Treat Addicts on the Street Right Where They Are

A pilot study of the program has already shown success in treating drug-addicted homeless people who are eager to achieve recovery.