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US Department of Transportation to Ban Dog Breed Discrimination on Airlines—Particularly Against Pit Bulls

The regulation is set to put an end to airlines discriminating against service dogs based on their appearance or breed—particularly pit bulls.

Puppy Manages to Save Himself From Alleged Dognapping After Alerting Pet Store Employees to His Plight

This clever Australian shepherd named Vango managed to alert pet store owners to his plight after he began barking up a storm earlier this week.

Watch Stray Dog Jump into Action to Help Kindergartners Safely Cross Busy Street

This canine crossing guard would not stand idly by while a group of kindergartners was trying to cross a busy street in Batumi, Georgia.

Couple Awakens to Find Random Malnourished Dog in the Living Room – and All the Windows and Doors Shut

Jack Jokinen was shocked to wake up and find a random emaciated dog sleeping in his living room last month—a big mystery because all the windows and doors were closed.

After Losing Hope of Ever Finding Their Dog, Pup is Finally Found Living Like King Among Doting Prison Inmates

Although this pup's owners were frantic with worry over his disappearance, he was found only days later living like a king amongst the local prison inmates.

Woman Who Visited and Fed Chained-Up Dog for a Year Finally Gets to Adopt it From Neighbor’s Yard

Laura Seymour visited and fed this neglected pup three times a week for a year—but she was finally able to adopt it after animal control paid a visit.

Man Enjoys Red Light By Stepping Out of Car With His Puppy to Say Hi to Dog in Neighboring Vehicle

Most people hate to be stuck in traffic, but it seems this Florida driver decided to make the best of it by socializing with a dog on the road.

Blind, Deaf Dog Inspires Man to Pair Dozens of Recovering Veterans With Hard-to-Adopt Shelter Pups

Not only does the initiative help free up shelter space, it also brings loving companionship to at-risk pups and lonely veterans suffering from PTSD.

4-Year-old Girl Saves Mom’s Life With ‘Bravery and Poise’—All While Calming Her Siblings and Dogs

Not only was the youngster able to soothe her family's three rescue pups during the emergency, she also calmed her three siblings by feeding them yogurt.

After Noticing Lack of Good Sticks At Park, Dad Turns Old Tree Branches into ‘Stick Library’ for Neighborhood Dogs

Since bringing the nifty little “Stick Library” to his local park, more than 50 dogs have delighted in the stash of sticks.

When Young Men Write Letter to Neighbor Asking to Play With Their Pup, They Get Letter Back From the Dog

4 young Englishmen found a sweet solution to the NO-PETS policy in their first apartment, after spending childhoods surrounded by dogs—and longing for paw time.

First Graders Persuaded School to Adopt Therapy Dog—And Their Story Won $100K for Shelter That Housed Him

Since Buddy the therapy dog has had such a positive impact on this elementary school, the shelter that adopted him out was surprised with a $100K check.

Hotel Helps Dogs Get Adopted By Allowing Long-Term Guests to Foster Shelter Pups During Their Stay

Since launching the program back in October 2018, the Home 2 Suites has helped 33 shelter dogs find their forever homes.

Shelter Believes Dogs Deserve the Spirit of Christmas, Too–Watch the Excitement as Santa Brings Bag Full of Goodies

Romanian animal shelter Sava's Safe Haven believes homeless animals deserve to feel the spirit of Christmas, so lovingly calls on Santa for gifts.

This is the World’s First Beer Taproom That Also Houses Foster Dogs Rescued From Kill Shelters

Since the bar opened back in 2018, they have helped to find forever homes for more than 70 pups rescued from California kill shelters.

Stray Dog Found Keeping Litter of Newborn Kittens Warm Amidst Frigid Temperatures On Canadian Road

If Serenity the dog had not felt compelled to protect the 5-week-old kittens, they may not have been able to survive the chilly Ontario temperatures.

In Most Wholesome Facebook Post Ever, Thousands of Dog Lovers Describe Their Pups for a Blind Man

Thousands of people wrote out the most detailed descriptions of their pups so a blind man in a dogspotting Facebook group could be included on the fun.

More Than 20 Drivers Stop Traffic to Rescue a Frightened Dog From the Highway Following Car Collision

It took more than a dozen drivers working together to capture the terrified canine and keep it safe until it could be reunited with its owner.

Rescue Dog Inspires Wheel of Fortune Winner to ‘PAWS and THINK’ – And Use the Prize Money to Give Back

Miranda Mittleman won $20,000 on Wheel of Fortune and her rescue dog Weaver inspired her to PAWS and Think—and use the winnings to give back.

Capital City of South Korea Has Finally Been Declared Dog Slaughter-Free Since Last Farmers Agreed to Switch Careers

More than 1,800 dogs have been rescued from slaughter since the Humane Society International/Korea began their advocacy work four years ago.