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Dog Ownership Associated With Longer Life—Especially Among Heart Attack and Stroke Survivors

Owning a dog was linked to a 33% lower risk of early death for heart attack survivors and a 27% reduced risk for stroke survivors.

Anonymous Postal Worker Sent Girl a Sweet Package After She Addressed a Letter to ‘God’ About Her Dog in Heaven

After this little girl sent a letter to God about the fate of her deceased dog, she received the most touching package from an anonymous postal worker.

Did You Know Your Pet Can Donate Blood to Save the Life of Another Dog or Cat in Need?

There are currently only a handful of blood donation centers for pets in America, but those donations from cats and dogs have helped save hundreds of lives.

Woman Who Lives With 27 Sick Dogs Dubbed ‘Miracle Worker’ After Getting Paralyzed Pups to Walk Again

No matter their disability or demands, Claire-Louise Nixon will not turn down a dog who is in need of her miracle-working physical therapy and love.

Wife Quits Her Job As Couple Spends 57 Tireless Days Searching for Their Dog in Mountain Town—See the Reunion

Against all odds, a beloved border collie has miraculously been reunited with her owners who spent 57 days searching for her in a rural...

Myth-Busting New Study Says Cats Form Emotional Attachments to Their Owners Just Like Dogs and Babies

Cats have a reputation for being aloof and independent—but this study of the way domestic cats respond to their caregivers suggests that their socio-cognitive...

Need a Smile? Here’s a Video of a Man Walking Briskly Through NYC With His Dog on a Skateboard

You've heard of New Yorkers taking their pets for walks in baby strollers? This gnarly pup is touring the town balanced upon his own...

After Porcupine is Rejected By His Mother, Wiener Dog Steps in to Be His Best Friend

This wiener dog and his best friend—a rescued baby porcupine—might be the cutest dynamic duo you will see on the internet this week. Zookeeper Estelle...

Woman Opens Her Home to 97 Rescue Dogs to Protect Them From Hurricane Dorian

Despite having to constantly clean up after almost 100 rescue dogs, Chella Phillips says she is simply happy that they are save from the storm.

After Spending Life in Cage, Rescue Dog is Adopted By Senior Care Home the Day Before She Was to Be Euthanized

This 6-year-old pup now brings joy to the residents of a Maryland nursing home after she was rescued from euthanasia just in the nick of time.

Watch This Bulldog Share a Sweet Smooch With a Curious Wild Manatee

Even though these two critters originate from different worlds, they clearly have a sweet bond that can transcend even the surface of an ocean.

When Pup’s Death Left Man Heartbroken, He Healed By Adopting 8 Senior Dogs That No One Wanted

It isn't easy caring for a dozen different animals with health problems—but that is exactly what helped Steve Grieg recover from his past heartbreak.

This Hiker Credits Metallica for Saving Her and Her Dog From Hungry Cougar

When this woman had a close encounter with a cougar in the Canadian wilderness, she says that she was saved by a particularly gnarly Metallica song.

New Study Shows That Spending Just Ten Minutes With Cats or Dogs Can ‘Significantly’ Reduce Stress

This is the first time that researchers examined these stress-relief symptoms for students in a college setting rather than in a laboratory.

Need a Smile? Watch Dog’s Gobsmacked Reaction to Cat Companion Swatting Her on the Head

Navi the dog and Fireball the cat are buddies – but when the feline got sick of Navi’s antics, he delivered a swat that elicited the perfect look of shock.

Inmates Will Be Comforting Anxious Shelter Dogs Throughout Fourth of July Fireworks

Spending time with pets can be particularly therapeutic for inmates. That's why a team of convicts are now comforting shelter pups during firework shows.

When Evicted Man is Heartbroken Over Decision to Surrender His Dog, Community Leaps into Action

A homeless man will soon be reunited with his beloved best friend with a new roof over their head thanks to a woman publishing an online plea for help.

After Groom Met Wife-to-Be at Dog Rescue Center, They Make the Rottweiler Their Best Man for the Wedding

This couple credits their blossoming romance to their beloved Rottweiler named Jack – so it seemed only fitting that the pup be their best man.

Social Media is Melting Over This Adorable Photo of a Dog Awaiting His Elderly Owner’s Treatment

This adorable photo of an anxious dog awaiting his owner's return is being shared across social media.

Dogs Detecting Lung Cancer With 97% Accuracy May Spell the End of Expensive Screening Methods

Researchers are delighted to report that three specially-trained beagles were able to sniff out malignant lung cancer tumors with 97% accuracy.