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TripAdvisor Has Just Cut Ties With Attractions That Breed Whales and Dolphins in Captivity

The company says that their new initiative is an expansion of the animal welfare policy which they launched back in 2016.

Watch Rescuers Form a Human Chain to Save Four Dolphins Trapped in Florida Canal

More than a dozen rescuers donned their swimming gear and waded into the St. Petersburg canal in order to save the cetaceans this week.

Canada Bans the Captivity and Breeding of Dolphins and Whales for Entertainment Purposes

The Canadian House of Commons has just approved a ban on the captivity of cetaceans for any purpose other than rescue, rehabilitation, or research.

Watch Breathtaking Moment When Dolphins and Australian Surfers Catch a Wave Together

This group of surfers was treated to a stunning sight last week after they were joined by some unlikely companions. This breathtaking drone footage captures...

‘Never seen anything like it’: Watch Ferry Passenger’s Stunning Footage of 200 Frolicking Dolphins

The passenger says that he has made the ferry trip hundreds of times, but he has never seen anything like this before.

‘Mission accomplished’: Town Rescues Dolphins Trapped by the Ice

If it had not been for a community's determined efforts – and a little help from some heavy machinery – this pod of dolphins may have been in deep trouble.

Watch Reporter Leap to the Rescue of Dolphins Beached From Hurricane Irma

While the Caribbean is still reeling in the wake of Hurricane Irma, thousands of good Samaritans are coming to the rescue of their neighbors...

Mexico City Passes Landmark Dolphin Captivity Ban

Mexico City is finally taking a stance on dolphin abuse. A bill recently passed by the Legislative Assembly of Mexico City has banned the captivity...

Check Out This Recently-Spotted White Dolphin – it May Be the Only One of its Kind

This rare albino Risso dolphin may the only one of its kind swimming in the eastern Pacific.

Vancouver Bans the Use of Dolphins and Whales in Aquariums

In a unanimous vote, the Vancouver, BC park board has banned the use of dolphins, beluga whales, and other cetaceans being held in captivity...

8 Dolphins in Baltimore Aquarium Will be Retired to Seaside Sanctuary

Who wouldn’t want a retirement home by the sea? It has to be an even bigger treat for these dolphins who’ve spent their lives...

Watch Amazing Video of Dolphin Baby Being Born

After being in labor for three hour and 12 minutes—with the baby's fluke already extended outside her mother’s body, a Pacific white-sided dolphin gave...

London’s Thames is Coming Back to Life With Whales, Dolphins, and Seals

If you mention whale watching, not too many people will think of London, but an environmental comeback has led to dozens of sightings in...

Orphan Baby Dolphin is Adopted by Female of Completely Different Species

A bottlenose dolphin that lost its own calf five years ago has adopted a baby of another species. The inter-species adoption, which is "extremely rare"...
dolphin photo by Sun Star

Mystery Donor Sends Boys With Rare Condition on Dolphin Trip

Twins who suffer from a rare genetic condition that has left them blind and unable to talk have been sent to swim with dolphins...

Dolphins Protect Long-Distance Swimmer From Great White Shark

Long distance ocean swimmer Adam Walker was midway through his crossing of New Zealand's Cook Strait when he saw a great white shark approach...
blind man in mall-CC

Clicking Like a Dolphin Lets Sightless People ‘See’ With Sound

Daniel Kish, blind since he was an infant, can easily dodge the pedestrians, signposts and mailboxes that line the city sidewalk. He’s taught himself the...

Dolphins Call Each Other By Name

Bottlenose dolphins call out the specific names of loved ones when they become separated, a study finds. Other than humans, the dolphins are the...
dolphin adopted by whale-Alexander DM Wilson Aquatic Mammals

Sperm Whales Take in Outcast Bottlenose Dolphin

A group of sperm whales appear to have taken in a deformed bottlenose dolphin, marine researchers have discovered. In the heartwarming scene near the...
dolphin gets help with fishing tangle

Dolphin Asks Scuba Divers for a Little Assistance (Video)

A bottlenose dolphin started hanging around a tour group as they were scuba diving off Kona viewing manta rays. Surrounded by manta rays, Keller...