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Teacher’s Powerful Exercise of ‘Leaving Emotional Baggage at the Door’ Has Totally Changed Her Classroom

This teacher is going viral for using a simple—but poignant—activity to teach her students about empathy and emotional baggage.

New Research Says That Short Bursts of Exercise Could Make You Smarter

This intriguing new piece of research suggests that small spurts of movement and exercise could greatly improve our brain function.

Not Only Does Music Make Exercise Mentally Easier; It Also Makes It Easier for the Body, Says New Study

This intriguing new study says that upbeat music helps our bodies to physicallly benefit from high-intensity exercise as well as mentally.

By Easing Anxiety for Lower-Income Students With 10-Minute Writing Exercise, Test Grades Soar Dramatically

A simple 10-minute writing exercise to reduce anxiety has been shown to reduce test failure rates by over half.

World’s First Soccer Pitch at a Subway Stop Brings Joyful Exercise to Underserved People

Since the free soccer field is on top of the station, it makes the sport more accessible to low-income residents who can't afford to drive a car or pay field fees.

Café Will Give Free Meals to People Willing to Exercise

The English gym café offers well-balanced meals to their guests as payment for 6 minutes of high-intensity exercise.

Heartbroken Artist Makes Skateboard Exhibit as Exercise in Gratitude and Charity

In the careers of skateboarders, one of the biggest signs that they’ve “made it” is when they start to get sponsored. When a skater...

Libraries Install Exercise Bikes So College Students Can Study and Work Out

Alabama's Troy University is stepping up their exercise game, big time. Work out bikes with laptop stands have been installed at the Troy and Dothan...

Can’t Exercise? A Pill May One Day Offer Some of the Same Benefits

For those who can’t work out due to chronic pain, disability, or other obligations, a pill could some day offer some of the benefits...

Yoga May Be As Good As Aerobic Exercise for Your Heart

Devotees celebrating the first International Yoga Day today have a science-backed reason to love the ancient practice. Since the yoga-honoring day was proclaimed by...

100-Year-old Leads Exercise Classes, Checks in On Facebook Lauretta leads an exercise class and says she doesn't allow age to slow her down.  She insists that the key to longevity is a positive...

New Study Shows Exercise Gives You Younger Skin

Exercise not only appears to keep skin younger, it may also even reverse skin aging in people who start exercising late in life, according...
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Best Secret For Busy People: Exercise in 30 Seconds

The secret to finding time to exercise (if you're truly busy and not simply making excuses) is this: learn how to recognize and convert...

Exercise Good As Or Better Than Heart Pills

Exercise can be as good as medication for people with conditions such as heart disease, a study has found. The British Medical Journal report compared...

TOP VIDEOS: No More Exercise Excuses for YOU!

Featured in this Nike 'No Excuses' commercial is someone who actually HAS an excuse for not exercising. Do you? Watch UW-Whitewater Basketball Player Matt...
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12 Tips for Getting Regular Exercise — and the Benefits for Happiness

Exercise is a KEY to happiness. Research shows that people who exercise are healthier, more energetic, think more clearly, sleep better, and have delayed...

Helping Kids Get Fitty: 50 Cent Returns to old Queens ‘Hood to Promote Exercise, Healthy Eating

Rapper 50 Cent has a message for kids: Get off your butts. The platinum-selling superstar hosted a day of games and healthy...

London Opens First Exercise Playground for Aging Adults

London has opened its first exercise playground for older people, with specially designed fitness equipment to help the capital's aging baby boomers stay fit. Organizers...

Homeless Pedal for Exercise in Eco-Gym, Powering the Electric Grid at Same Time

A "green gym" in Detroit lets homeless folks get some exercise and -- thanks to stationary bikes hooked up to the power grid...
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Ten Tips to Get You Motivated for Exercise

If you are one of the lucky ones, you genuinely enjoy exercising and you look forward to doing it each day. If you...